Stream Designer

Our powerful stream designer offers you the perfect canvas for designing your workflows and serves all 4 products.


Regardless of whether project settings, folder structures, metadata, user rights, notifications or storage control. The entire organisation around the project is always just a click away. Pathsettings, version conversion and the transfer between different operating systems take place automatically.


Whether import, export, watch folder or web workflows. There are a number of actions available to ensure that your files always end up in the right place, with the right name, codec settings, and metadata fields. Highly efficient for the administrators, easy to use for the editors.


Everything you always wanted to know about your Adobe projects is stored here and can be processed automatically with the help of streams. Cosmo and Streams always know whether an asset was used in which project and on which sequence it was edited. Whether it exists in other projects and what metadata it has.


Control the archiving, deletion or consolidation of projects and project-based assets with one click. Or should it work automatically? No problem, HelmutHK offers a fully automated solution for the metadata-based management of all projects and their assets via cron jobs and tasks. Houskeeping at it’s best. Helmut

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