Project Manager

Adobe Premiere Pro offers its users a broad range of outstanding features, but this extensive functionality can create administrative challenges – particularly in large-scale production environments. HelmutFX can make a difference in this regard by helping you maintain a clear overview. HelmutFX works in the background and organises search and management processes for Premiere Pro project files.

In contrast to the traditional approach, where workflows are adapted to fit the software, the HelmutFX approach is to adapt the software to fit the workflow. Its core consists of a deliberately small number of fully customizable functions that are used in every production environment.

After a successful login the hover icon will be displayed on the left side of the side menu and and identifys the current used product. If the mouse pointer is moved over the product icon, the product icons of the other applications of Helmut4 appear immediately. This also depends on the respective user settings and the acquired licenses that are activated including all or a certain part of the products. Click on one of the appearing icons to change to the respective application.

Login as an administrator (admin) allows to load the complete side menu view. This contains the following menu items:

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