The Dashboard menu in HelmutFX displays all logged-in users, and provides access to various information including:

Free text search to search for a user name.

Kick All Button

Logs out all users from the current server.

Send Message To All Button

Opens a pop-up dialog for entering a message that is sent to all users and appears as an overlay for every user in the web interface.

Online Status

Displays the status of the respective user. Green means that the user is online and logged in.


Displays the display name of the user.

User Role

Displays the role of the user.

Client Info

Displays the IP address of the workstation to which the user is logged on, the installed client version and the computer name.

Last Login

Displays the date and time of the last login.

License Usage

Displays the amount of used licenses and available licenses.

Action Menu

Via the action button it is possible to send the user a private message or to log the user out of the system. Send message opens a pop-up dialog for entering a message that is sent to the user and appears as an overlay for the user in the web interface.By clicking on Open Logs, it is also possible to set up a web session to the web server of the client of the corresponding user in order to see the log files of the client live. Only the logs that the client writes from the time the websession was opened are displayed.

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