The Languages menu is used to manage languages. It is possible to translate the entire web and panel interface in Helmut4 and thus use the product in another language. Helmut4 is only delivered in English. There is basically nothing to consider when translating the product, other than the fact that the stream designer cannot be translated. Some of the terms used in English find their equivalent in the stream designer and therefore it could become more difficult to support streams if these terms appear in another language in the frontend

Languages Tab:

Displays all Languages entries created in the system. If one of the entries is selected the translation items will be shown. It is not possible to change the default English entry.

Exclamation Mark Sign:

Indicates that some elements have not yet been translated.

Languages Action Button:

Via the Languages Action Button it is possible to delete a language entry.

Add Language

Opens a dialog for entering a name for another language. Clicking on "Add" creates a new language entry with the selected name.

Force English

If this checkbox is activated, English is forced for the current session.

Debug Language

Enabling this checkbox will replace alle language strings with the according keys to make it easier to find the key to translate. This is only active for the current session

Unfold Arrow

The items that can be translated are grouped into thematic units. These are collapsed by default and can be opened using the unfold arrow.

Already Translated

If entries have already been translated, the associated key is shown in grey.

Not yet translated

If entries have not yet been translated, the associated key is displayed in red.

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