Projects Action Menu

The action button opens a context menu with functions that can be performed with the selected project. This button is also visible when clicking inside the blank space of a project and can be used for the multi selection of projects as well. Which includes:


Opens the selected project with the project types linked in the database and starts the associated application. If a corresponding workflow is stored, the project is locked for other users or marked as locked. This is represented by a lock symbol. If the project is completely locked, other users will not be able to open the project. If the project is only marked as blocked, it is possible to open the project by several users. This may be necessary, for example, for "shared projects" workflows in Premiere Pro.


Custom Actions trigger custom streams. A stream in this case triggers a workflow for the selected project. This needs to be defined by the Admin.

Restore saves:

When clicked, the restore saves opens a dialog to select and restore a specific project if there is an existing backup of a project stored within a folder called “Saves”. The Saves folder needs to be in the same directory as the project file. The restore button within the dialog triggers the RESTORE_SAVE event trigger RESTORE_SAVE.


The Edit Button opens the “Edit Project” Dialog where metadata and the tag can be edited.


The duplicate button opens the "Duplicate project" dialog, via which, analogous to the "create project" dialog, a new project can be created from the selected project. It is possible to define the name, group, category, template, tag and metadata for the new project.

See: Add Project


The delete button will trigger the delete stream and if the stream is successful the corresponding project will be removed from the HelmutFX database.

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