Debug Streams

Opens the Stream Debugger which allows you to check all streams running in the system live. By pressing and holding command (MAC) or control (Windows) the debugger will be opened in a new browser tab. The browser tab description contains the DEBUG suffix when the mouse pointer is moved over the tab.

When the stream debugger is open, any stream that is running in the system is displayed. The information is live and is not saved. If you want to save this information, this must be done within the streams. For example via the "Write file output action" node.

The main use of the debugger is to check the workflows created via streams. This is only partially possible within the stream designer, since sometimes not all data records are available there.


Displays information about the stream being executed. This includes:

  • Thumb: Shows wether the Stream was successful or not.

  • Icon: Shows wether it is a server or a client stream

  • Description: Shows the name of the stream as well as the start time and stream ID.

  • Description 2: Shows the ip dress of the client that has executed the stream as well as the trigger of the stream. In this example: CUSTOM_USER.


Displays information about each of the stream's running nodes. This includes:

  • Status: Shows wether the Node was successful or not.

  • Timestamp: Shows the date and time when the nodes was executed.

  • Message: Shows Information about the executed node. It is possible to click on any of the status icons to directly open up the corresponding stream in the stream designer. This will additionally highlight the corresponding node for faster configuration.

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