Action Button Menu

Use the Action button menu to delete groups, change their access rights and assign users.

Manage Users:

Opens the Manage Users dialog via which user can be added to the selected group. It is possible to add individual users, a selection of users or all users to the selected group .In the dialog on the left side under "Available Users" the users present in the system are displayed. It is possible to search for users, to select them and to add them to the group of users on the right side via the arrow keys which are display in the middle of the dialog. Using the arrow keys, users can be removed from the group in the same way. A click on "Close" ends the dialogue and saves the change.

Group Access:

Opens the Manage Group Access dialog via which the access rights that apply to the group can be defined. The following Toggle Switches are available:

Delete Group:

Deletes the group as long as it does not contain any users.

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