Access Preset

Opens the Manage Access Presets dialog, which manages all User Access Presets and Group Access Presets.

User Preset Icon:

Indicates that this is a user access preset.

Group Preset Icon:

Indicates that this is a group access preset.

Unfold Preset Icon:

Unfolds the preset and shows the appropriate access rights in the form of toggle switches. The colours of the individual toggle switches indicate for which application the function applies.

Preset Action Menu:

Use the Action button menu to delete presets and to apply them to users or groups, depending on the type of preset. The Apply Access Preset dialog works just like the Manage Users dialog.

Add Preset Button:

Opens a dialog via which the name and type of the preset to be created can be defined. A Click on “Cancel” or “x" closes the dialog without saving the preset, while a click on “save" saves the preset.

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