Action Button

The action button in the dashboard allows different functions depending on the status of the job. This button is also visible when clicking inside the blank space of a job and can be used for the multi selection of jobs as well. The following functions are available:

  • Queued Jobs: If a job is in the queue, it can be canceled and moved. Moved means that he is placed at the end of the list within the priority level. Jobs with the same priority are processed by date. In addition, the priority of the job can be changed to the highest priority. This means that the job has a higher priority than 1 and is always performed before all other jobs.

  • Running Jobs: Running jobs can be canceled. As a result, all subsequent parts of the workflow (nodes) are no longer executed. If a workflow is used in which, for example, the "Copy File Action Node" or the "Render in AME Node" is used, not only is the process interrupted, but the associated application is closed. Example AME. This does not necessarily work for any Thrid Party application that is addressed.

  • Canceled Jobs: Abandoned jobs can be restarted. They maintain their priority and are added to the list of jobs with the same priority, with the restart date.Password Field: Input.

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