The Metadata menu is used to manage metadata. It is divided into a sidebar menu, a list view, and a hidden overlay. Entries are unique and can not be created multiple times with the same name. Metadata can be created, edited and deleted, as well as assigned to sets. Metadata entries can be used in IO to assign them to sets and thus to profiles. A profile, in turn, will be assigned to one or more groups.

All Tab:

Displays all metadata entries created in the system.

Metadata Set Tab:

Displays all metadata sets created in the system and filters the metadata entries displayed in the list view when selecting a set. To add a metadata set click on the “Add Metadata Set Button” on the top right and define a name for that set. This Button appears in the Metadata tab of HIO, HCO and HHK. It is not available in HFX.

For more information see: Metadata

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