With the help of watchfolders, assets can be processed automatically via HIO streams. Watchfolders can be created, edited, deleted and activated / deactivated in the watchfolder menu. This menu item defines how the watchfolder monitored by Helmut should behave. The following information and functionalities are available.

Watchfolder Name:

Displays the name of the watch folder. This is not the name of the storage-level folder.

Watchfolder Path:

Displays the full path to the storage-level folder monitored by Helmut.

Watchfolder Profile:

Displays the name of the HelmutIO profile that will be used for the watch folder and run for each job.

Recursive Switch:

If this switch is activated, all subfolders of the watch folder are also recursively monitored.

Check Intervall:

Defines the time interval in seconds within which the folder is monitored.

Growth Check:

Defines the number of verified asset scans for their growth. For example, a three-time growth check, with a defined check interval of 30 seconds, will take at least 90 seconds to pass a detected asset as a job to the queue.

Enabled Switch:

Allows to turn on and off the watch folder monitoring.

Action Button:

Allows to edit and delete the monitoring of a watch folder.

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