The Streamdesigner is the configuration interface for Streams (workflows) in Helmut4. Streams are triggered by manual or automated events and will be execute on either the server or a client. It’s not a workflow engine but a workflow configurator. Always starting with a „Event Trigger“ node, conditions, actions and outputs can be chained together to create powerful and flexible workflows that handle successful or failed results.

The output of a node can be connected by clicking and dragging with the mouse to the input trigger of a node. To make this easier, and because each node has only one input, it is possible to drag the wires to the desired node and release them there. The connection with the input trigger is set automatically

In the very top, you can find the name of the currently opened Stream, an icon to copy the Stream ID, and next to it you will find the event that will trigger this stream. Additionally it shows whether the Stream will run on the server or a client aka the host.

In the middle you can find various actions. These actions will be explained in the pages below.

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