Cosmo Get Asset Metadata Action

With the help of Cosmo Get Asset Metadata Action it is possible to request asset metadata and save it in the wildcard {node.result.?}. Metadata values can be retrieved with ‘nodeID_metadataKey’ e.g. ’d7d99d44-07a1-40f8-8053-3db89482342c_metaKey’. Characters as {} and % are not supported for metaKey. For the use of this node an asset with existing asset metadata in Cosmo is required and the asset ID as well as the metadata key must be known. Avoid using this node right after the Cosmo Add Asset To Project Action node or at least provide the Sleep Action in between and wait for 4000+ ms.


Consider an asset with the asset ID “6225d94587a52b082de53896”, the metadata key “type” and value “VIDEO”. To retrieve the value “VIDEO” a Cosmo Get Asset Metadata Action node must be added into the stream with 6225d94587a52b082de53896 as asset ID beforehand. The node ID e.g. “d7d99d44-07a1-40f8-8053-3db89482342c“ of this node can be used to get the metadata value “VIDEO” for its metadata key by using the {node.result.?} wildcard as following: {node.result.d7d99d44-07a1-40f8-8053-3db89482342c_type}.

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