Cosmo Get Project Assets Action

With the help of the Cosmo Get Project Assets Action it is possible to extract the assets checked into a project in Cosmo individually via a stream. In the node, you can define which assets you want to process by making the following selection:

  • Exists only in this project:

    • If this checkbox is checked, all assets that are available in the project are checked to see whether they are still available in at least one other project. If the checkbox is off, all assets will be extracted.

  • Filter - Both:

    • All assets are extracted

  • Filter - Used in timeline

    • Only the assets that were used on the timeline (s) are extracted

  • Filter - Not used in timeline:

    • All assets that are in the project and have not been used on any timeline are extracted.

The node iterates until all extracted assets have been processed. If any stream fails while processing an asset, the node fails as a whole. The node result will be {job.assetId}. This node is the key to the efficient management of project-based assets, as all assets can be checked and extracted depending on the existing projects.

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