Cosmo Project File Index Action

Change in Cosmo Project File Index Action V3 - v4.6.x+ With the release of the V3 file index action it is now possible to assign the indexing either to the client or server depending on the host of the stream. With the previous V2 node, indexing was always executed by the Cosmo server Replacing the old one should consider to check the stream, eg an unlock project trigger should not call a client indexing as this could cause issues if the user is closing the website / helmut4 client connection.

With the help of the Project File Index Action, it is possible to index a project file (Premiere / After Effects). It is recommended to only do this when the project is closed. The indexing extracts all information from the project. These include:

  • Folder structures and folder names

  • Files and metadata

  • Sequences

All changes that are detected during indexing compared to the status in Cosmo are changed in Cosmo. It is possible to define that the "indexed_assets" trigger is triggered for newly found assets and the information on these assets is transferred.

In addition, the "unindexed_assets" trigger is triggered for assets that have been removed from the project. Within a stream that is triggered by this trigger, it is possible to check whether these removed assets are still available in other projects or not. Every asset that is removed from a project and is no longer available in any other project is recorded in the database as an orphan clip, but is no longer accessible.

Within the node it is possible to define advanced indexing for the project file. If checked, the following information about sequences will also be extracted:

  • Source and destination time code of all assets on the timeline

  • Track that was used per asset

  • Metadata of the assets

This information is not visualised in Cosmo but is available in the database.

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