Job QScan Action

With the help of the Job QScan Action it is possible to transfer a file directly to QScan via a stream in order to carry out the necessary QC of this file with a template defined via the node. For this, the corresponding template must be created in QScan and the storage location of the file that is to be transferred must be made known to QScan beforehand (repository). QScan returns the analysis result in the form of markers and these can be further processed in the further course of the stream (transfer to Cosmo and Premiere).


As an example workflow, it would be possible to transfer every exported file to QScan in order to check the result technically. If an error is found (defined search for parameters via QSCAN template possible) this can be used as a condition to change the further course of the stream and to send the user a message. Another variant would be that an exported file would be transferred to QSCAN ({job.destination} from AME), then checked into COSMO (same project), and thereby automatically reimported into the open project. There the analysis results could be checked directly and any changes made.

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