Job RClone Move Action

With the help of the job RClone Move Action it is possible to move assets or folders between remote locations. In order for this to be possible, RCLone must be installed on the workstation on which this node (within a stream) is running. The path to the Executbale is given in the node, but can also be freely defined. The configuration of the remote location(s) must be done via RClone itself. See the documentation for RClone. The names of the remote location(s) can be defined when creating the remote location(s) in RClone and must be specified in the node. Helmut Streams - v. 4.4.0 - 05.10.2022


If you want to move a file from a remote location called: ”Remote-Location1" to a remote location called ”Remote-Location2" the source path and destination path must be specified in the following way:

Source path: Remote-Location1: / folder_name/name_of_the_clip.mxf Destination path: Remote-Location2:/folder_name

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