Job Render in AME Action

With the help of the Job Render in AME Action it is possible to transfer a file to AME and process it with a defined encoding profile. This is equally possible for imports and exports and can be executed on a MAC or Windows client (both support AME).

AME returns the progress of the encoding process to Helmut and this is displayed on the dashboard if the node is used as part of a workflow that creates a job object. This is always the case when the Helmut4 panel (auto import, export) is involved, or a watch folder that is monitored by the server.

The node does not need any information about the file extension in the source path, as this is set by AME itself (is defined in the .epr file). If desired, AME will also count up if the file is already available on the target path. (Setting in AME). The node sets the wildcard {job.destination} in the paypload job, which in the further course of the stream contains the target path of the file defined in the node including the file extension.

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