Job Status Update Action

With the help of the Job Status Update Action it is possible to change the status and the message of the job that is displayed in the dashboard at any time. This is useful, for example, when an action node is being executed that does not change its status independently. This is only the case if it is a job action.

Example 1:

A sequence is exported and encoded using the "Job Render in AME" action. The encoded file is added to a project in Flow using the Flow Add Assets To Project Action. This process is not shown in the dashboard because Flow does not return the progress and therefore it cannot be displayed.

The job status update action provides a remedy, as it can change the status and also display a progress. The progress can be defined statically between 1-100 or defined as a spinner by entering -1. This spinner continues until the status is changed again via another instance of the node.

The possible statuses are: Queued, Running, Successful and Failed. Queued is a special feature here, as this status immediately ensures that the job in the dashboard is set back to queued and the job is thus ended for the current render node. This makes it possible to put a job back into the queue under certain circumstances.

Example 2:

If you want to encode a growing file, but only do this when the file is no longer growing, a solution would be to use the Growing File Condition to check whether the file is still growing. If this is the case, the Job Status Update Action can be used to put the job back into the queue. As soon as this job is fetched from the next free render node, it starts over with the job. Only when the file stops growing does the stream's behavior change and the file is encoded.

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