Hue Bridge Group On Action

With the help of the Hue Bridge Group On Action it is possible to switch on one or more groups in the Hue system. It is possible to work with several bridges at the same time. It is possible to set a value for brightness, color and saturation of all lamps from all selected groups. These values are optional. If they are not set, the lamps start with the value they had before they were last switched off.

In addition, it is possible to define a value between 1 and 10 seconds for the transition time as the time in which the lamps reach the desired brightness.

As a little gimmick, it is possible to let the lamps flash briefly before switching them on (alert mode) or to run a color loop (effect). The color loop is only supported by Hue Color lamps. Two modes are available for the alert mode: Select (1x flashing) and LSelect (15x flashing).

The node fails if the name of a bridge or the name of a group is misspelled. If one or more group (s) cannot be reached, likewise, but the lamps that were reachable are still switched on.

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