SwatIO Job Upload Action

With the help of the Job SwatIO Upload Action it is possible to create a post on Swat.io including a video file upload. There is the option of creating a post draft in preparation (PREPARE), providing a post for scheduled publication (PUBLISH) or instantly publishing it on the desired platform (PUBLISH_NOW).

For using this stream or workflow it is mandatory to insert a valid file path of a video with max. file size of 1GiB. To operate the node it is necessary to enter the corresponding „Channel ID“, which refers to the target channel on Swat.io to assign this post. This Channel ID can be retrieved in the Swat.io Social Media Manager under Channels in the respective URL of the channel.

In addition, the title of the published article and a descriptive text can be defined in the field „Post title“ and „Post message“. Both can be filled by using metadata optionally. Furthermore the „Publication date“ can be added within the corresponding field in the supported format YYY-MM-DD hh:mm (based on server timezone) for the post actions PREPARE and PUBLISH. Also for that the date and time can be provided as a metadata or wildcard. The field „JWT token“ in the node settings is optional and can be inserted in this field or in the Helmut preferences within the enabled „SwatIO module“. A possible use case is the publication of posts on the common social media platforms directly via the Helmut4 panel in the form of an export stream.

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