VidiFlow Trigger Workflow

This node is able to trigger a specified workflow in VidiFlow. By providing the "Workflow name" as well as the "Workflow version" in combination with the "Payload" in JSON format, it is possible to trigger and execute an existing workflow. During the execution a "Progress message" for a job can be displayed in the dashboard. Helmut4 is waiting for the response of the VidiFlow system and optionally displays a "Done message" in case of a successful run. As the process may take a particular time it is advisable to set an appropriate "Timeout" for that process.

Different to the VidiCore nodes, the authentication towards the VidiFlow system will be defined within the node itself. Besides the URL of the system, it is mandatory to set the settings for "Scope", "Token endpoint", "Client secret" and "Client ID". The node result contains the Workflow ID.

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