VPMS Check-in Action

With the help of VPMS Check-in Action it is possible to integrate VPMS (Video Production Management Suite) into Helmut4. For that an check-in will be executed via the VPMS check-in webservice and a Video or Audio file (e.g. Codec MFXOp1a HDF02a) can be transferred from share location. To use this interface the VPMS connector endpoint should be implemented in the portainer’s stack first. The URL of this endpoint must be inserted in the node’s settings as well as the path of the file. Furthermore the user can decide if the corresponding file should be a growing file.

The endpoint in the portainer’s stack will look as following:

version: „3.4"
        image: repo.moovit24.de:443/vpms-connector:0.0.10
        - 8080:8080

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