File Growing Condition

With the help of the File Growing Condition it is possible to use the fact whether a file is still in the write state or not as a condition for further actions. The path and the extension of the file are specified here. You enter the interval within which the node checks the file and the number of checks itself. For example, if 3 seconds are specified as the interval, 5 checks are defined and the condition is set to "is_growing", the following happens:

The node checks the file depending on the set condition. If it is determined that the file is still growing, it is checked again after 3 seconds. If the file still grows after the second check, the node has failed.

The node will check the file size in the defined interval, if the file size does not change for the amount of set Checks, the file is set as not growing" If the file size changes between the checks, it is set as growing. The node will not check infinitely, it is just meant to define the current state of a given file.

The File Growing Condition can theoretically be queried in every stream, as it is not linked to the project object or the user object, but it usually makes sense if there is a job object in the stream. The job object is available if it is a HelmutIO stream.

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