Send Message To Teams Channel

With the help of Send Message To Teams Channel Output it is possible to send a text to a desired channel in Microsoft Teams by inserting the link of the corresponding channel. To use this feature the App registration for Azure Active Directory needs to be done first and Teams Notifier must be activated. Please follow these steps:

  • Visit:

  • Also the Service needs to be added to Docker with the Teams Notifier connector endpoint. The portainer’s stack file must be extended with the following properties:

    restart: always
        parameters:<ID Step 15><Tennant ID Step16/
        ports:- 8471:8471
  • Access the Docker IP using Port 8471 to see Swagger Doc

  • Authenticate Container: http://{dockerhost}:8471/v1/authentication/message

  • Click on the link below to sign in and enter corresponding code to authenticate

  • Log in to your organization’s Microsoft account and accept the permissions

  • Retrieve Channel ID and Team ID

Example: 19%3aHDloAoPDwl0ejNcq4sjmQJHDjEERSlamAbF7dgo6w1%40thread.tacv2/conversations? groupId=a6eb9ab3-547b-4acfbee2e59405bc9b70&tenantId=c731b2e8-8386-4d40-9845-292bd5d1de44

(green: Channel ID, orange: Team ID)

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