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Known Issues

The following list contains known issues that have not yet been fixed
  • Saving a project may not possible with Premiere Version 15.2 if the project has been opened via Helmut4. Please avoid using this version and instead use the latest version, 15.4.
  • We are aware of an issue where the invisible Adobe Media Encoder (de.moovit.AME_WS) may not be correctly installed on MacOS using Helmut4 client versions >
At the moment, we recommend the following workaround:
Please request the latest panel extension from our support team via the support portal and install it manually using either Adobe Upier or ExManCmd.
  • Wildcard Condition + Match Multiple Patterns Condition: False matching behavior for negated conditions (e.g. CONTAINS_NOT) in combination with multiple patterns to match against
  • Creating a project without attaching any metadata may corrupt the project in the database. If this occurs, there will no longer be an option to open the project using Helmutfx
  • Indexing via client/server - Failed indexing of huge projects (unzip process) can cause a corrupted file when container dies
  • Canceling a job in synchronous path (during running status) and restarting the job afterwards does not proceed with the stream ("Stream has been canceled")