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What's new in version 4.6.0 🎉


We're thrilled that the Helmut4 documentation has found a new home! Our new platform consolidates a lot of existing documentation into a single, easily searchable location. Whether you're new to Helmut4 or just looking for information on how a specific node or feature works, you'll find all the relevant content you need.

These are the highlights of our Helmut release 4.6.0:

New features

  • Integration with Telestream Diva Core. It is possible to archive, restore and delete content from Diva Core (requires soap 2.2) -> for more information see: Diva)
  • It is now possible to trigger a project index using the Helmut4 client -> Cosmo Project File Index Action V3


  • Added date to the AME panel logs
  • Added “Import Skip Sequence” to the the language module
  • Introduced pagination in the HelmutFX user management page
  • Improved the reliability of Vidicore import file into action node in a scenario where Vidicore automatically scans the storage and registers files

Bug fixes

  • The Helmut4 client is now loading custom external SSL certificates
  • Fix Cosmo change asset metadata
  • The file path of unsynced assets is no longer lost during project index
  • The loading overlay window is now disappearing when the user clicks cancel on the open choose dialog
  • Switching tabs in the Helmut4 panel extol no longer leads to metadata fields not getting resolved
  • The Cosmo web upload dialog is now visible
For more detailed information check our Changelog Please feel free to contact our Helmut Support Team in case of any questions! Support​