Premiere Confirm Dialog Action

With the help of the Premiere Confirm Dialog Action, a message that the user must confirm can be sent via the Helmut4 panel. If the message is confirmed with β€œYES”, the node is successful. If the message is canceled with β€œNO”, the node will fail. Optionally, it can be defined that the node is successful if the user ignores the message.

The message is sent to the hidden Premiere Pro control panel and uses an Extendscript feature provided by Premiere Pro. This means that it is only possible to send a message to a user if he triggers an action via the Helmut4 control panel and is the executing user at the same time. For example when exporting. If the export is to be carried out on a dedicated rendering computer (setting in the profile), this is of course not possible, since the user who accepts the job is then not the user who sent the job.