This CO event will be triggered when the 'Export' profile of a specific element within the Cosmo project views is invoked through the action button menu.

Depending on the underlaying stream, various workflows can be triggered like exporting the element via Adobe Media Encoder.

When clicking the dedicated profile, an overlay window will open, allowing the input of various job-related information, depending on the metadata set.

Metadata Order for Metadata Set

Please refer to Metadata Order for Metadata Set for further information.

Export/Cancel Button

Clicking "Export asset" will start the job. Clicking "Cancel" or the "X" closes the dialog without saving.

Setting up a trigger within CO requires an appropriate profile with a selected stream relevant to the current trigger.

Host Assignment

Any stream with this trigger must have "CLIENT" as the host type. Since this stream needs to be assigned to any user/client, server execution is not possible.