Helmut4 Modules

Helmut FX

HelmutFX simplifies project and user management with an easy-to-use web interface.

It enables easy project creation and management, handling Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects templates, customizing project structures to your workflow, and centralizing team management—all while eliminating manual tasks.

Say goodbye to manual tasks—HelmutFX streamlines it all.

Learn more about HelmutFX here

Helmut IO

Helmut IO simplifies the import and export logistics in Adobe post-production environments.

It provides a user-friendly panel extension for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, eliminating manual work and reducing the risk of errors.

Helmut IO offers flexibility by supporting local or distributed Adobe Media Encoder render nodes, capable of handling any rendering job.

Additionally, it allows the setup of Adobe Media Encoder watchfolders for various purposes, making it an all-in-one solution for managing production logistics, meeting requests, and easily scaling up as needed.

You can learn more about HelmutIO here

Helmut Cosmo

HelmutCO is the perfect solution for teams of any size looking to easily share assets across projects.

Finding the right assets can be time-consuming, but with HelmutCO, team members can effortlessly search through project files and import the needed assets without the hassle of opening each file. This module seamlessly integrates into our Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects panel extension, simplifying navigation for team members to locate relevant project assets, sequences, or compositions.

HelmutCO also indexes project files, saving all pertinent information in its own database. This means it comprehensively understands the connections between projects, media, and sequences or compositions, offering a well-organized view of anyone's projects.

You can learn more about HelmutCO here

Helmut Housekeeper

HelmutHK offers a robust and streamlined solution for archiving, parking, and restoring project files along with their linked assets. Whether your team needs to temporarily set aside a project or archive a completed one, HelmutHK is ready to assist.

It utilizes the HelmutCO database to sift through project assets, focusing on archiving only those that are essential—such as unique project assets or those referenced in a sequence or composition.

This ensures a highly efficient archiving process, saving both time and storage space.

You can learn more about HelmutHK here

Helmut Stream Designer

Meet Helmut4's silver bullet: Streamdesigner.

Streamdesigner enables you to tailor Helmut4 to your unique requirements. This is achieved by connecting nodes—conditions, actions, and outputs—in a visual, node-based interface. With various trigger events available, you can craft a dedicated stream workflow.

This allows you to design a workflow precisely aligned with your production environment, avoiding constraints imposed by pre-set configurations. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to build and refine your business logic until you achieve the ideal workflow!

You can learn more about the Stream Designer here