What's New

These are the highlights of our Helmut4 patch release 4.7.2:

New features

  • Added the option to import multiple assets from the Cosmo panel into the project; for further information refer to Multiple Asset Import.
  • Added a new node Cosmo Update Asset Size and Date Action to update the date-time stamp and file size of an asset within Cosmo.
  • Added a new patch method to update assets by its "nodeID" or "filepath".
  • Added a new node Job Download Web Content Action to gather assets from a video platform while deprecating the Job Download Social Media Action node in its favor.
  • Extended the node Cosmo Change Asset Metadata Action to update metadata of all instances in Cosmo by using the assetID or asset file path.
  • Extended the triggers PANEL_IMPORT and AUTOIMPORT to include the assetID and nodeID.
  • Projects view in the Cosmo panel will now reflect the project's lock status (Archived, Restored, Housekeeper, Locked); for further information refer to Project Panel Lock.
For more detailed information, please refer to our Changelog. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Helmut Support Team!