What's New

These are the highlights of our Helmut release 4.6.2:

New features

  • Added Autosync option to Cosmo Change Asset Metadata Action node


  • Implemented the missing lockout mechanism to lock an account after a certain number of failed login attempts
  • Addressed security issues and resolved some security vulnerabilities

Bug fixes

  • Fixed password validation issue when creating a user, which displayed incorrect mismatch.
  • Fixed the issue of the last project not being displayed in the CO tab of the Helmut4 panel.
  • Fixed an issue in the Helmut4 panel extension where it was not possible to change the project after cosmo asset sync.
  • Fixed the unresolved notification when renaming a user.
  • Fixed the issue where the Premiere Open Choose Dialog Action node did not recognize the cancel event and ran into a timeout.
  • Fixed the issue where the HTTP Request node was overriding the Content-Type.
  • Fixed the ascending/descending sorting issue of the date format and file size in the dashboard.
  • Fixed the polling interval issue while switching between Helmut4 products.
  • Fixed the issue of "\n" being escaped within a file path – Hiscale.
  • Fixed the error that occurred with special characters in metadata and folder file/directory names.
Various other bug fixes and performance improvements.
For more detailed information check our Changelog Please feel free to contact our Helmut Support Team in case of any questions! Support