Known Adobe Issues

The following list comprises known issues that Adobe has not yet addressed. While these issues are not directly linked to Helmut4, it might be affected by them.

Premiere Pro

  • NodeID: Starting from version 23.6.x until 24.1.x, there are known issues related to Next NodeIDs. When removing an asset from the project and adding new ones, it's possible that a previously removed asset with its unique NodeID might be reused. This can lead to problems when working with Cosmo-related nodes, such as adding a proxy to a high-resolution file.

    • Temporary workaround: downgrade to Premiere Pro 23.5.0 or avoid removing assets and adding new ones during a single editing session.

    • Resolved version: Premiere Pro 24.2.1+

Media Encoder

  • File handle: AME will maintain an open file handle on XAVC assets, leading to an issue where an exported file cannot be deleted after undergoing additional processing.

    • Temporary workaround: to release the open file handle, please close the Adobe Media Encoder application.

    • Scheduled release to address this issue: Media Encoder 24.3

After Effects

  • Files with layers: Importing Photoshop (.psd) or Illustrator (.ai) files may result in a single merged layer. Preserving layers during import via Extendscript is not possible for these file types due to the absence of necessary API parameters.

    • Temporary workaround: exclude Illustrator and Photoshop files from your Autoimport stream, as the Cosmo Add Asset To Project Action node would convert any single layer to a merged one.

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