Job Create Split Jobs Action (BETA)

With the help of the Job Create Split Jobs Action it is possible to split (divide) the job of a profile into a desired number of single split jobs. This only works for Premiere Pro sequences. Doing this the sequence job will be divided into equal parts of same length. On top of that the user is able to consider In and Out markers in the sequence and set the priority for the queued jobs in Premiere. To safe time during the rendering process every split job can be executed on a dedicated single render node.

To enable the Split & Stitch Workflow it is necessary to add the Job Stitch Splits Action Node at the end of the stream, that is part of the profile that serves as the profile for the splitted jobs.

As a BETA Version this will only be supposed for sequences with 25fps. When creating streams with Job Create Split Jobs Action it is mandatory to use it within a Split & Stitch workflow also using Job Stitch Splits Action.