Helmut4 Panel


In rounding out the Helmut4 product range, we offer not just one, but three panel extensions.

The first panel serves as an interface for users to interact with Helmut4, displaying all project-related workflows. Whether it's importing or exporting, every operation is conveniently controlled and user-friendly.

To access the export and cosmo panel, the user must have the necessary rights to use the IO and CO products.

For further information, please check this site: Users

The second panel facilitates seamless communication between Premiere Pro / After Effects and Media Encoder, making the process of rendering sequences and compositions via AME exceptionally easy.

Last but certainly not least, there's Helmut4's discreet panel extension for Premiere, unlocking the ability to automate every function offered by Premiere through the Stream Designer.

After Effects - deactivated scripting rights

In After Effects, it is necessary to enable the function 'Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network' in the Preferences - Scripting & Expressions menu.

If this option is disabled, the Helmut panel will display a red indicator with a hover text indicating that it can't operate as intended.

Once the setting has been activated and saved, a panel reload is required.

Traffic Light Indicator for Invisible Panel

The Helmut4 panel in Premiere Pro & After Effects has a traffic light indicator that visually shows the operational status of the invisible panel.

Positioned at the upper right corner of the panel, the indicator operates in two states:

  • Green Light When the invisible panel is running successfully, the indicator shows a green light with a hover tooltip stating "Invisible Panel Running."

  • Red Light Conversely, if the invisible panel is inaccessible, the tooltip communicates "Invisible Panel Not Accessible. Some Features May Be Limited," offering users immediate insights into the system's status.

The Traffic Light Indicator feature requires Helmut 4.7.1 and the dedicated Helmut4 client (version to be installed.

Limitation in panel usage

IMPORTANT The Helmut4 panel is capable of handling multiple projects that have been created or opened via Helmut. However, switching between these projects requires manual user interaction within the panel. You must point the panel to the current active project to switch between projects.

Please note that only one project can be used actively at a time. If you are importing assets into project "B" but the panel is pointing to project "A", the auto-import logic will not be triggered.

There is no feature or option available to recall missed trigger points due to a missed panel or project switch.