FX Event Triggers


In the following section, all FX event triggers and their characteristics will be presented.

Generally, these event triggers are customized and can be configured as desired.

The purpose is to provide the option to connect a specific FX activity to a particular event or button.

Trigger 'limitations'

Project trigger

Six out of the 22 FX event triggers can be accessed from within the Action menu.

These actions are linked with the following triggers:

There is one additional trigger that can be indirectly accessed from within the 'Add Project' dialog box when creating a new project from an imported project file.

Adobe driven trigger

If the state of an Adobe project changes, certain triggers will be executed. These triggers are associated with the following triggers:

Helmut4 Client driven

When a user logs into the website and a Helmut4 client with the correct version is running, it will trigger the Connected event. Logging out from the website will trigger the Disconnected trigger instead.

Available trigger