The export tab serves as the central management interface for initiating any export job from within Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Utilizing the export panel requires the presence of at least one Export profile for the project group.

It is possible to export either a single sequence/composition or multiple sequences/compositions with a single click.

Choose sequence

Clicking this button will show a dropdown menu of all sequences/compositions within this project.

By default, it will select the currently used sequence/composition.

Choose profile

Clicking this button will show a dropdown menu of all related export profiles that are available for the current group.

The export profiles are listed based on their names, with all available profiles displayed in ascending alphanumeric order according to their respective names.

The exclusive method to alter the listing is by renaming the profiles within HelmutIO - Profiles.

Metadata Section

The metadata assigned to this profile will be displayed here. You can customize the order of this metadata in the Metadata Set configuration.

Cancel / Export

Clicking "Cancel" closes the dialog without saving.

Clicking "Export" will add the export to the job queue.