VidiCore Get Item ID By File Path Action

With the use of the VidiCore Get Item ID By File Path Action node it is possible to get the file's corresponding item ID by giving the relative file path including the extension of the file. When enabling the Vidispine wildcard switch it allows searching file names regardless of the file's location. Because of this, file paths starting with * can be used to search globally. On top of that the query parameter "wildcard=true" will be set in the background. By disabling the switch, the file path has to be inserted completely and no wildcard query parameter will be supported.


Vidispine wildcard: Enabled Relative File Path: */ITEM-VX-12667.mxf

In case the system provides a multi storage environment it is possible to specify the Storage ID to separate items with identical relative file path stored on different sources. Setting the value will only get item IDs related to the given storage ID. This parameter is optional so when the storage ID is empty always the first found object will be retrieved. The node result contains the item ID.