The License Menu tab offers insights into various license information, including the number of user licenses, registered module(s), and the expiration date. The license provided by the manufacturer can be inserted using the "Import License" button.

Licenses can either be perpetual floating licenses or annual subscription licenses.

The system counts and visually displays each user logged in, both here and in the FX-Dashboard. When the license limit is reached or the license has expired, no other users can log in. This will be indicated with an overlay window on every Projects and Dashboard page.

Show Hardware-ID

This button will display the Hardware ID of the Helmut4 host, which is necessary for creating the license. This is particularly important for any staging, POC, and demo environments.

The Hardware ID is not accessible for a cluster installation. Please contact the support team for additional information.

Import license

This button opens the import license dialog, allowing you to import the license. The license must be imported in the form of the complete text from the license file. To do this, copy the text from the license file and paste it into the free-text field of the dialog.

You can end the dialog by clicking "Cancel," and to import the license, click "Save." Ensure there are no white spaces or line breaks in the license code to avoid an error.

Inserting a valid license code can be accomplished in just a few seconds and doesn't necessitate a dedicated maintenance slot.