VidiCore Import File Into New Item Action

By implementing this node in a stream, it is possible to add a file directly to VidiCore. Besides the Storage ID on which the file is located, the Remote relative file path (incl. extension) must be entered from the perspective of the external drive. Optionally a list of VidiCore metadata can be defined, that will be added to the imported item. The timeout is set to 480 ms by default and according to a certain duration of the import process it is recommended to use the node in an asynchronous path after a Split Stream Action. The node result contains the item ID.

The additional boolean option Use existing VidiCore file if present can be set on top. If the file already exists as a VidiCore file datatype, e.g. if it was already copied to the storage and processed (automatically scanned) by VidiCore, that existing VidiCore file will be used. Otherwise a new file will be created on VidiCore. If this parameter is set to false and the file already exists on VidiCore, this node will fail. (The file datatype on VidiCore is separate from the physical file that gets copied.)