The Panel_Import trigger activates whenever an asset is imported into a Premiere Pro or After Effects project using the Import button within the Cosmo Panel.

If a Panel_Import profile is assigned while the Helmut4 Panel is active, it will generate a new job.

To enhance your workflow further, contemplate integrating a Prestream within the Autoimport profile.

Streams related to this trigger allows to use several wildcards e.g. {job.assetId} and {job.assetNodeId}.

For additional information, please refer to Panel-Cosmo.

Limitation: sequence and compositions

The Autoimport feature will always be triggered by sequences and compositions. This behavior is a result of the internal processing of project files within the host application.

Host Assignment

Any stream with this trigger must have "CLIENT" as the host type. Since this stream needs to be assigned to any user/client, server execution is not possible.