Project Source Custom ?

This wildcard is substituted with a custom value assigned to a specific key set through designated nodes when used within a Duplicate_Project trigger.

Its purpose is to store project IDs from third-party systems. When the "Medialoopster Create Project Action" is utilized to incorporate a project into Medialoopster, the ID supplied by the MediaLoopster API will be integrated into Helmut's database, linked to the project ID provided by Helmut. If the wildcard is employed during the execution of a stream associated with a project containing a third-party ID, it will resolve to that ID.

  • {project.source.custom.?}

  • For the following input (?) --> medialoopster

  • The output is going to be —> „medialoopster project ID

The wildcard can be utilized in accordance with third-party integrations that support it. Currently, this includes MediaLoopster.

This wildcard is exclusive to usage in conjunction with a Duplicate_Project trigger.