Add Project

Clicking the "ADD PROJECT" button will open the "Add a New Project" dialog, which is utilized to create one or more projects.

The following parameters can be configured:

Name Field

Enter the name of the project to be created. Special characters are not allowed, and the user will be notified if an illegal character is used.

The minimum mandatory character count is 1.

Group Field

This is a drop-down menu used to select the group in which the project is to be created. It functions as a typeahead field.

Category Field

A drop-down menu is provided for selecting the category in which the project is to be created. Similar to the group field, it operates as a typeahead field.

Template Field

Use this drop-down menu to select the template to be applied in creating the new project. It also functions as a typeahead field.

Custom Metadata Field

Metadata relevant to the selected group will be displayed in this field, refer to Metadata Group.

Order of Project Metadata

For further information refer to Metadata Order for Metadata Group.

Tag Field

This is a free-text field for defining a tag. Tags help organize one or more projects into a collection.

The maximum character count is 15!

Project Type Button

Available project types are displayed depending on the selected template. The desired project types with which projects are to be created can be highlighted by clicking.

Import Button

Opens a selection dialog allowing the user to import a project; refer to Import_Project

Cancel Button

Use this button to close the dialog without creating a new project.

Add/Apply Button

Clicking this button will initiate the creation of the project(s).