Cosmo Change Asset Metadata Action

With the help of Cosmo Change Asset Metadata Action it is possible to manage custom metadata besides typical job and project metadata. This node will add or update one or multiple metadata key value pairs to an asset by referring to the asset ID. It allows users to change asset metadata of already indexed Assets. The corresponding metadata entries will be added (new entries) to or updated (existing entries) in the database (MongoDB - assetDB) into the array „customMetadata“. Avoid using this node right after the Cosmo Add Asset To Project Action node or at least provide the Sleep Action in between and wait for 4000+ ms.

With the "Autosync" option it can be decided within the Helmut4 panel if the asset should automatically be synced whenever the project is opened or the user initiates a manual Sync process. If the Autosync is disabled an orange icon will be increased with the amount of assets that needs to be synchronized/updated.

With the implementation of node version V3, it is now possible to modify metadata key-value pairs for multiple instances of assets in the Cosmo database. The enhanced node introduces a new input field called 'Asset Path.' By providing valid information, the related metadata key will be updated for all instances in the database associated with the specified path. It's important to note that when updating asset metadata using 'Asset Path,' the 'Asset ID' will be ignored. Conversely, to update the metadata of a specific asset, leave the 'Asset Path' field empty."

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