The purpose of the Custom_IO trigger is to initiate a stream based on sequence, composition, or project criteria. These streams can be executed via the 'Action' menu in the Helmut Panel.

It is not possible to create profiles for any Custom IO streams; hence, there are no job objects executable.

However, it is possible to trigger a job-based profile using the Job Create Job Action node, which can be implemented in the stream.

All created and available streams will be shown in the dropdown menu.

Stream assignment

Custom_IO and Custom_FX streams need to be assigned to groups, as well as being enabled or disabled.

By default, assigning a stream to a new group equals assigning it to all groups.

Host Assignment / Limitation

This stream can be executed as a client (connected user) or server stream and cannot be assigned via a profile to another client.

Consequently, this means the stream cannot exceed a runtime of 60 seconds.