Hue Bridges Module

Enables the communication between Streams and Philips Hue. The module supports several bridges and the following parameters must be defined for each of the bridges:

  • Custom Bridges Name: This is a name of your choice, which can be freely defined. This name must be specified in the existing Hue action nodes in order to control the respective bridge in the stream designer.

  • Bridge IP: The IP of the respective bridge.

  • API Bridge Username: For communication between streams and the Philipe Hue system, a username must be defined for each bridge. This username can be created via the API provided by Philips Hue. The following steps are necessary:

  1. Call up the following URL (please replace the IP address with the IP address of your bridge)

  2. Press link Button (on bridge}

  3. Post request to: /api ( by default there is set something different) by using this payload: {“device type”:”helmut”}

  4. The response includes the username in the following form: { “Success”:{ “Username”: r4tuhlsdfglknsdfpksdfgnsdfgknslfgkdfg835nkjf834” } }

  5. Copy the username and add it as API Bridge Username