CO Event Triggers


In the following section, all Cosmo event triggers and their characteristics will be presented.

Generally, these event triggers are customized and can be configured via a profile as desired.

The purpose is to provide the option to connect a specific Cosmo activity to a particular event or button.

Trigger 'limitations'

Project trigger

When viewing projects in the project list view, only the CUSTOM_FX trigger will be shown. No other triggers/streams will be available.

Asset / element trigger

When browsing the content of a project within Cosmo, additional triggers will be available.

Asset Ingest: Web Upload/Ingest

The two buttons at the top right can be used to upload or ingest assets.

For further information, navigate to the dedicated triggers: WEB_IMPORT or WEB_UPLOAD.

Element trigger: Web Export

It is possible to run the WEB_EXPORT trigger on certain elements within a project.

Elements that can be used in combination with the trigger are the following:

  • Sequences

  • Compositions

  • Audio, image or video asset

Set synced / unsynced trigger

Assets and sequences/compositions can be set to ether synced or unsynced.

This toggles the state of the element within the actual project file. If an unsynced asset is set to synced, a panel synchronization will be triggered as soon as the project panel is available (while using the project or on the next project launch).

This function can be used if an asset needs to be replaced/updated manually in the background.

Available trigger