The following list has all the new features and significant bug fixes added to the product since its initial release

4.7.2 (patch release)

Helmut4 client:


  • Added functionality to import multiple assets from the Cosmo panel into the project (co:

  • Added a new node "Cosmo Update Asset Size and Date Action" to update the date-time stamp and file size of an asset in Cosmo (co:, streams:

  • Added a new patch method to update an assets by its "" or "" (co:

  • Added a new node "Job Download Web Content Action" (streams:


  • Projects view in the Cosmo panel will now reflect the project's lock status (Archived, Restored, Housekeeper, Locked) (hw:, hp:


  • Extended the node "Cosmo Change Asset Metadata Action" to update metadata of all instances in Cosmo by using the assetID or asset file path (prioritised) (co:, streams:, hw:

  • Extended the triggers PANEL_IMPORT and AUTOIMPORT to include the assetID and nodeID (accessible as wildcards) (co:


Known Issues

  • Using the Cosmo Add Asset to Project Action node with the autosync:false option will prevent the asset from being synced into the project. (co: - downgrade to 4.7.1

  • When adding a proxy through the 'Cosmo Add Proxy to Project' action, the node will fail if no assetID is provided. (co:

  • The Linux client (hc: will appear as in the dashboard. However, this discrepancy does not affect compatibility.

4.7.1 (patch release)

Helmut4 client:


  • Add a traffic light indicator in Helmut4 panel for invisible panel, enhancing visibility and providing status cues (hp:


  • Fix discrepancies in display results between Helmut panel and Helmut web in Cosmo have been resolved for consistent display (hp:

  • Fix the issue of the client executing the same stream twice for streamlined execution (hc:

  • Fix issue with incorrect propagation of job status updates, ensuring accurate tracking and reliable notifications (io:


  • Add new code sign certificate for Helmut4 Windows client (license:; hc:


Known Issues

  • The Linux client (hc: will appear as in the dashboard. However, this discrepancy does not affect compatibility.

4.7.0 (stable release)

Helmut4 client:


  • Add language entry for panel event listener message global.secondPanel (hw:; hp:

  • Add reduced HelmutIO project for rendering process during After Effects export (hp:

  • Extended timeout and DIVA status check for operation in DIVA nodes (streams:

  • Add method "PATCH" to "HTTP Request Action (streams:; fx:; io:; co:; hk:; users:; hc:; license:

  • Add boolean field "Vidispine Wildcard" to VidiCore Get Item ID By Relative File Path Action V3 to allow file name searches regardless of the file's location and enabling wildcard query (streams:

  • Add string field "Storage ID" (optional) to VidiCore Get Item ID By Relative File Path Action V3 to reference specified storage for corresponding file (streams:


  • Fix API call DELETE /assets (co:

  • Fix VidiCore Get Item ID By File Path Action returns the fileID instead of the itemID (streams:

  • Fix Client Project Index on Windows will not delete prproj in temp folder (streams:

  • Fix wildcards for project variables resolved as null in UNINDEXED_ASSET trigger (co:, streams:

  • Fix two indexing streams running simultaneously on same client or container and mixing up assets (streams:

  • Fix "user name is already in use" error in combination of blocking a license (users:

  • Fix reordering CustomIO streams leads to error message (hw:

  • Fix refresh button disappears on panel resize in Helmut4 panel (hp:

  • Fix missing HK trigger and webupload/import in user/group access presets (hw:; fx:

  • Fix error for renaming streams (hw:

  • Fix Project File Index error for bigger projects >30MB - requires Client stream (streams:

  • Fix escaping issue for UNC paths after syncing process (hp:

  • Fix HTTP Request Action ignores content-type in response header (streams:

  • Fix duplicated sequence with projectItem null (hp:

  • Fix character encoding and umlauts issue while indexing projects on Windows Client (streams:

  • Fix umlauts in Helmut Input Dialog Action causes timeout failure (hw:

  • Fix triggering Copy profile in HK will not create a job (hw:

  • Fix indexing assets with characters > < % used in asset metadata (streams:

  • Fix syncing issue with carriage return in markers (hp:

  • Fix multiple helmut tabs/webstomps cause multiple execution of jobs (hc: ; license:

  • Fix filtering project metadata from type date in HK tasks do not match (fx:

  • Fix toggle store variable protect mode is affecting protect mode of other variables (streams:

  • Fix issue with metadata keys using umlauts and - (streams:

  • Fix AME node error "Running and is timed out: true" when exporting long sequences (streams:

  • Fix issue within Cosmo Add Proxy Action where the Asset ID hasn't been interpreted correctly (co:

  • Fix incomplete project indexation that required repetetive indexing for empty directories (streams:

  • Fix bin assets view sorting in CO project detail view of web (hw:

  • Fix logic issue for boolean "Use existing VidiCore file if present" in VidiCore Import File Into New Item Action V2 (streams:


  • Modification and optimization of Stratus Change Project Metadata Action node (streams:

  • Change EFS nodes to consider Editshare Multisite Service (streams:

  • Shrink metadata object in job, project and asset objects (fx:; io:

  • Review and adopt DIVA nodes descriptions (streams:

  • Update description terms in Premiere Path Settings Action node (streams:

  • Optimization of MongoDB CPU utilization (io:

  • Implement Skip metadata sync & Skip markers sync switch in Cosmo Change Asset Action + Cosmo Add Proxy To Project Action + Cosmo Change Project Asset Action for higher synchronisation performance (streams:; co:; hp:

  • Make SSL check optional for HTTP Action (streams:

  • FX frontend pre-resolve for helmut templates path in preferences (fx:

  • Updated the Premiere Version Convert V2 & Project Version of Premiere V1 Nodes to consider Adobe CC24 (streams:


Known Issues

  • The Helmut4 Windows client shipped with stable release 4.7.0 is not signed yet. The conformation of this will be made soon. You will be updated once the client customisations have been finished.

4.6.2 (patch release)

Helmut4 client:


  • Add Autosync option to Cosmo Change Asset Metadata Action node (streams:; co:


  • Fix password validation while creating a user shows incorrect mismatch (hw:

  • Fix not displayed last project in CO tab of Helmut4 panel (hp:

  • Fix unresolved notification when renaming a user (hw:

  • Fix not possible to change project after cosmo asset sync (hp:

  • Fix Premiere Open Choose Dialog Action node does not recognize cancel event and runs into timeout (hc:; license:

  • Fix HTTP Request node overrides Content-Type (streams:

  • Fix ascending/descending sorting of date format and file size (hw:; hp:

  • Fix metadata parent issue (hw:

  • Fix polling intervall issue while switching between Helmut4 products (hw:

  • Fix refresh button disappears on panel resize (hp:

  • Fix \n escaped within file path - Hiscale (streams:

  • Fix error for special characters in metadata and folder file/directory names (hp:

  • Fix metadata order loss on project save/update (hw:


  • Change missing lockout mechanism to lock an account after x amount of failed login attempts (hw:; users:

  • Change "Could not send Stream to client - client not reachable" error message (amqp:

  • Improved security issues and removed vulnerability (hw:; users:


Known Issues

  • Project access (read/write) may be limited due to a client issue for users of macOS Ventura and hc: or later versions

  • Windows paths will cause issues if the path containing special characters combinations like \b \f \n \r \t - revert image to hp:

4.6.1 (patch release)

Helmut4 client:



  • Fix successful pre-stream in profile which should call the main stream without using a job create job action is aborted (hp:; hw:; io:



Known Issues

  • Canceling a job in synchronous path (during running status) and restarting the job afterwards via Action button does not proceed with the stream ("Stream has been canceled")

4.6.0 (stable release)

Helmut4 client:


  • Added language entry for 'Import skip sequences' in Helmut4 panel (hp:; hw:

  • Added compability of nginx container for disabled IPv6 on server (hw:; hp:

  • Added backslashes to escape for JSON formatting (hp:

  • Added scroll bar into Web Upload mask in Cosmo for better view of metadata (hw:

  • Added date to Panel log for AME (hc:, license:

  • Added CO indexing logic to the client (co:; hc:; license:; streams:; hk:; users:

  • Added DIVA Core integration (streams:; hc:; io:; fx:; co:; hk:; license:

  • Added polling for jobs in the dashboard every 10 sec (hw:


  • Fix VidiFlow Trigger Workflow V1 exception due to failed authorization (streams:

  • Fix of the "this.getToken is not a function error" when switching tabs in panel (hp:

  • Fix of non existing project.metadata (in $reducedProjectObject util funciton) field that avoids job creation on autoimport and export in panel (hp:

  • Fix of canceling or deleting a job in status "running" can cancel a different job (io:; hw:; hp:

  • Fix editing or adding cron job is not possible without refreshing the page (hw:

  • Fix Custom Helmut Client Certificat will not be used with existing Helmut4.p12 (hc:; license:

  • Fix Cosmo Change Asset Metadata Action node regarding supported POST method for server stream (co:

  • Fix escaping ' in JSON to prevent evalscript error (hp:

  • Fix eval script error caused by carriage return in default value metadata of an Export profile (hp:

  • Fix carriage return ignoring additional default values for Multiselect metadata (hp:; hw:

  • Fix new path information of unsynced asset get lost when indexing the project (co:

  • Fix loading overlay does not disappear after canceling Premiere Open Choose Dialog (hp:

  • Fix job status update re-setting progress to runnning (e.g. during async path after split stream action) (io:

  • Fix loose of metadata of type Select and Autocomplete during tab switches in Helmut panel (hp:

  • Fix Manage users tab according to "Select all" option incl. auto reloading of users (hw:

  • Fix not accessible Cosmo Web Upload window (hw:

  • Fix Helmut Confirm Dialog Action node not responding after a long period of time (hw:

  • Fix Helmut Input Dialog Action node not responding after a long period of time (hw:

  • Fix date parse error in helmut web (hw:

  • Fix translation error for "Show in Source Monitor" in Cosmo tab of the Panel (hp:

  • Fix loss of metadata when switching tabs in Helmut panel (hp:

  • Fix jumping job order in dashboard views (hw:

  • Fix canceling/ deleting a job in status "running" can cancel a different job (io:; hw:; hp:; streams:

  • Fix jumping project order in FX dashboard when indexing a project (hw:

  • Fix disappearing creator when setting filter in FX dashboard (hw:


  • Improve usability of the VidiCore nodes (streams:

  • Reworked VidiCore Import File Into New Item Action node (streams:


Known Issues

  • Any successful pre-stream in profile which should call the main stream without using a job create job action is aborted (fixed in 4.6.1 patch release)

4.5.0 (stable release)

Helmut4 client:


  • Add possibility to change order of CUSTOM_IO streams via arrows (hw:

  • Add node result to File/Folder exists node that holds the first value where condition was not met (streams:

  • Introduce new menu entry where panel import of bins will skip sequences which imports take long period of time and freeze premiere ui (hp:

  • Add new wildcard {job.tries} that returns the number of counts a job was restarted (io:

  • Add error response to debugger when Adobe panel extension is not accessible e.g. for Job Render in Premiere Action (streams:

  • Add Stratus Change Project Metadata Action node (streams:

  • Add support for video subclips while indexing Premiere Pro projects (hp:; hw:; co:

  • Integration with Vidicore and Vidiflow (streams:


  • Fix AME ignores In to Out marker proceeding via Job Create Job Action (streams:

  • Fix Rclone nodes due to wrong validation of destination path (streams:

  • Introduced changes by nodes that change the project (i.e. Project Metadata Changer) which got called by a "Execute Generic Stream" action node will now persist (streams:

  • Fix Premiere/After Effects Start Helmut Panel Action (hc:; license:

  • Fix Rclone nodes do not allow service:folderpath in destination (streams:

  • Fix 'Contains not' filter is adding an additional "/" to filepath (co:

  • Fix missing Export button for Web Export when multiselecting assets in CO (hw:

  • Fix missing type for Web Import, -Export and -Upload in filter list of IO/CO dashboard (hw:, hp:

  • Job as json followed by Job from json now does not override the job id with previous one and also adapts variables of parsed job (streams:

  • Fix XPath Action by allowing dot formated paths to support local domains or IP noted shares (stream:

  • Fix job icons for various triggers like Web Upload, Web Export and so on (hw:; hp:

  • Fix description to inform about drive letter or UNC name mounting method + requires editshare client 2022.3.x+ (streams:

  • Fix to allow blank spaces in media space names when used within the Add Groups/Users to Media Space Action node (streams:

  • Fix Autoimport jobs work with asset paths and Node ID of clips of another opened project (hp:

  • Fix Cosmo throws error message if project name contains an apostrofe (hw:; hp:; co:

  • Improve performance of the Cosmo import asset file chooser when folders contain huge amount of files (hc:; hw:

  • Fix Media Enocder Export via After Effects including corrupted .aepx render files (streams:, hp:


  • EFS Create Mediaspace Action adjustment for Media proxies scheme (streams:

  • Add support for at least one other panel that registers for the Premiere onItemAddedSuccess event listener function (hp:


Known Issues

  • Export via Job Render AAF In Premiere Action taking longer than 20 min and the case of closing Premiere Pro afterwards requires Sleep Action in combination with Job Execute Extendscript in Premiere Action additionally

4.4.0 (stable release)


  • Extend Cosmo Sequence Report Action with "mediaInOutPoint" + "sequenceInOutPoint" + "trackNumber" + "trackType" (streams:; co:

  • Add Blackmagic RAW (.braw) file extension to Helmut4 mimetype detection and complete the list according to Adobe supported files list (co:; streams:

  • Add the license usage indicator to license view to make it available for all products and not only in fx (hw:


  • Fix Stratus Transfer Asset Action - Jobs cannot be canceled (streams:

  • Fix AME state response for offline media - with enabled preference "Don't encode outputs when missing items are detected" (hc:; license:, streams:

  • Fix using ESC key on "Add a new project" dialog leads to Duplicate issue (hw:

  • License key from pdf can now be copied into import license dialog (hw:

  • Fix broken qscan integration (streams:, io:

  • Force linux client restart whenever he looses connection to message bus (hc:; license:

  • Fix all iterative nodes to just skip an item on error and continue with the next one (streams:

  • Fix render in to out for premiere render (streams:;hc:;license:

  • "Get Asset Metadata" Node sets the result to be empty whenever a node has no metadata field for given key (streams:

  • Last selected groups and categories in fx create project dialog gets remembered again (hw:

  • Changed metadata in export tab of Helmut4 panel will not be resetted when switching to dashboard tab and back to export (hp:

  • All user notification nodes can now be triggered from within the stream designer and being executed in the test suite (streams:

  • All iteration nodes will now skip errors for certain element and continue with the next one (streams:

  • Profile group attachments will now be cleaned up for deleted groups (streams:; users:

  • Further improve memory handling for stream executive endpoints / program parts (hc:; streams:; license:;co:; fx:;hk:;io:

  • Add reconnect logic for message bus connection drops for Windows and MacOS Helmut4 clients and add restart logic for this issue for the linux clients (hc:; license:;)


  • Elements Mount Workspaces On Client Action Node is now able to consume CSV format as input parameter (streams:

  • Helmut CORE license owner can now assign fx metadata to groups (hw:; metadata:

  • Updated the Premiere Version Convert V2 & Project Version of Premiere V1 Nodes to consider Adobe CC23 (streams:


  • Remove delete project option from cosmo tab of Helmut4 panel (hp:

Known issues

  • Job Render in Premiere Action V3 is ignoring "in to out" option

    • fixed with license:

  • Start Premiere Panel action not working

    • stick with license:

4.3.0 (stable release)

Helmut4 client:


  • Add PATCH to HTTP Request Action node (streams:

  • Add Elements integration (streams:

  • Add Helmut Core (streams:; license:; preferences:; hw:; metadata:; users:; cron:; fx:; hk:; io:

  • Add "Project Version of Premiere Condition V1" node that checks the version of a given Premiere project (streams:

  • Add digital signature to the Helmut4 Windows client (hc:


  • Adjustments to the Helmut extension to make it loadable in conjunction with Adobe Media Encoder 22.3.x (Compatible with Adobe Media Encoder CC 21 & 22) (license: hc:

  • Add Project dialog is validating category dropdown (hw:

  • Preferences will no longer disappear on blur of input field (hw:

  • Web Upload profile is now assignable to a group (hw:

  • Cancel ffmpeg render job will cancel the ffmpeg execution (streams:

  • Fix Send Email Output node (license:; hc:; users:; co:; fx:; hk:; io:

  • A combination of a "Job as Json" node with a "Job from Json" node is working now (streams:

  • Kicking a user does no longer produce a server error message (users:

  • Fix multi exclusive search filter combination in FX (fx:

  • Fix functionality of IO button for normal user (hw:

  • Fix HK multi select action button (hw:

  • Fix broken custom user streams for the case that Helmut stays in idle and message bus connection gets terminated by chromium based browsers (hw:

  • Fix UI of upload progress for web upload (hw:

  • Fix unsynced assets count in Panel (hp:

  • Fix "jump to node" feature in streamdesigner for wildcard condition nodes that now present false/true instead of failed/successful (streams

  • Fix authentication of "Stratus add Asset to Folder Action" node (streams:

  • Modify and create dates of streams will remain after the import of streams (hw:

  • Fix Watchfolder missing to add single jobs into the queue when triggerd by cron (io:

  • Fix the pre-resolving of metadata consisting of special characters e.g. font of different languages (hp:

  • Fix Job Status Update Action does not push job update to IO dashboard in case the previous action node also updates the dashboard (io:

  • Fix timeout problem for medialoopster Update Asset Delete Date Action (streams:


  • Raise Hiscale polling time to 5 seconds and fix duplicate request (streams:

  • Windows Server was resolved as Windows NT (unknown), which has now been changed to Windows NT to allow use in Store Variables due to the parenthesis (streams:

  • All conditions successful outputs will be marked with true and failed outputs with false in debug log (streams:

  • Allow carriage return in all Adobe prompt nodes plus Helmut Confirm and Helmut Input Dialog (license:; hc:; hw:; streams:

  • Change logic of "Regex Match Condition" node to properly match regex (streams:

  • HTTP Request Action node is automatically ASCII encoding URL now - see w3c reference (streams:

  • Add Project.Name to IO filters (hw:

  • Expose AME panel logs into file that is written into the helmut logs directory (hc:; license:; amePanel:2.1.1)

  • Optimization of the Helmut4 panel according to scaling columns when the panel is resized (hp:


Known issues

  • Panel: Metadata values won't be recalled when switching from Dashboard to Export tab

  • FX: The last used category & template is not displayed when a new project is created

4.2.0 (stable release)


  • Add product version number (snapshot version) into the web (license:; hw:

  • Add metadata tab to Cosmo and Housekeeper (hw:

  • Add a "Cosmo Get Asset Metadata Action" node (streams:

  • Add new "Job SwatIO Upload Action" node featuring publication date including custom date and time (streams:

  • Add the two missing options "Render audio effects", "Include clip copies" and add custom "Delete video clips before render" option to the "Job Render AAF in Premiere Action" node (streams:; hc:

  • Add new cron feature for cleanup of the jobs database (hw:; cronjob:; fx:; io:

    • Cleanup can be made either by defining a max jobs count to keep or by relative date filter and can be setup as a cronjob that runs on a daily basis


  • Fix $HueLampState warning which is populated on streams container startup (streams:

  • All Flow nodes check for module enabled state (streams:

  • Optimize node result for every render node by adding descriptions and set proper node results (streams:

  • Avoid having hidden nodes in the streamdesigner node panel menu (streams:

  • Fix json parse error for CosmoProxyAddActionV6 node (streams:

  • Rename a stream that contains the "Stream Delete Store Variable Action" node will not force streams container to crash anymore (streams:

  • Single select asset will now show same options in action menu button as it shows in the corresponding table row entry (hw:

  • Heavily improved Dashboard view by (hw:; hp:; license:; hc:

    • Reducing object size that will be published via the message bus

    • Add a queue for jobs update event in IO endpoint and remove this logic from the frontend

    • Add exclusive tag and time to live flag for rabbitmq queues

    • This could be possibly fixed

      • Out of sync dashboards of web and panel

      • Performance improvement of dashboard view

  • Fix multi select for all table views (correct row selection for all sort options) (hw:

  • Normalized interval for appear/growing nodes to 1 second (streams:

  • AME render job will now be canceled if helmut job gets canceled (streams:

  • Fix file upload issues of Job SwatIO Upload Action and limit file size to 1 GiB (streams:

  • Fix failing flow nodes that use query string parameters to communicate (streams:

  • Enable/disable flag will not longer be overwritten on stream save event of streamdesigner (streams:

  • Improved description of Job AME render node (streams:

  • Fix test suite failing when threads of old testings stay open (streams:

  • Enable live view update of cosmo project panel view after adding an asset via drag & drop (hp:

  • Refactored the detection of deprecated nodes of a stream and make attention icon more reliable (streams:

  • Fix custom user and custom x stream ordering in fx (hw:

  • Panel view does not shrink with additional sequences selected in export tab of panel (hp:

  • Refactored metadata pre resolve in export tab of panel (hp:

  • Enforce to have the last job update not being overwritten by previous update in new backend jobs update queue logic (io:

  • Fix missing action button for some assets in cosmo project detail view (hw:

  • JobFromJSON node is now able to read job that has been written from the JobAsJSON node (streams:

  • Import asset via cosmo panel in helmut panel will now import the asset and change the assets name according to the name in the source project (hp:

    • If bin is imported the breadcrumb of the assets are being adapted correctly now.

  • Add loop breakup logic for nested wildcards to avoid endless loops that results in 100% cpu usage per stream execution thread (streams:

  • Full support of the asset import file chooser dialog for empty DVD drive (hw:

  • Fix job dashboard ordering in chromium based browsers (io:

  • Remove quotation marks from assetId last result inside the next path of the Cosmo Get Project Assets node (streams:

  • Fix misleading table sorting of dates in several views (hw:

  • Fix drag and drop feature when choosing assets from inside a bin (hp:

  • Set default value "Use cron" of watch folder dialog to false (hw:


  • Do not show cron option in watch folder dialog when HK is not licensed (hw:

  • Update rabbitmq message bus to version 3.9.11 (rabbitmq:

  • Improve & beautify error message display in StreamDesigner (streams:

  • Refactor CosmoAddInfoToSequenceAction Node to avoid failing behavior for missing values (streams:

  • Add HTTP return code to the node result of the HTTP request action V3 (streams:

  • Project as JSON (Legacy) node is now deprecated (streams:

  • Remove fixed .gves filter for auto imports in panel (hp:


Known issues

  • CO: problem when assigning a web upload profile to new groups, as this is not displayed in the frontend

  • FX/IO: metadata reordering does not work within metadata sets

  • using the "send email output" node will result in an error - delete the node from any running stream (regardless of whether it is connected or not)

  • the panel does not work with AME 22.3.x (see development version / supported Adobe version list)

  • when a user is kicked via the FX dashboard, this can sometimes result in an error 500 message

  • messages and notifications are not displayed after a certain time due to a timeout. Temporary solution: reload the web page

  • problem with the upload file paths in the Cosmo settings, as they "disappear" regularly

4.1.1 (patch release)


  • Re-added possibility to decide if a proxy should be auto synced or manual synced by re-introducing a switch into the Add Proxy to Asset node (hp:; co:; streams:


  • Metadata with the flag pre-resolve will be added to job created by web export trigger correctly (hw:

  • job.source value is now set correctly (project path) in the job object of a web export triggered on a sequence object (hw:

4.1.0 (stable release)


  • Add adobe project id (nodeId or dynamicLinkGUID or sequenceID) wildcard (streams:

  • Add the possibility to use custom self signed certificates (license: ,hc: -> Client update required

  • Add nodes for adding/changing and deleting asset metadata of existing assets in database (co:; streams:

  • Add multicam sequence support (co:, hp:

  • Premiere and After Effects 2022 support (license:; client:; streams: -> Client update required

  • Add a GetFilesFromFolder and GetFoldersFromFolder action node that iterates over all found files or folders either on top level or recursive from a given folder path (streams:

  • Add option to drop all helmut connections of one single computer (4.1.0 snapshot release) -> Client update required

    • Can be used to free the client connection if a user locks his windows account without logging out from helmut.


  • Aurora Submit Job Action (streams:

  • Cosmo Web import and Web upload are considering metadata (hw:

  • Move last login timestamp update right after the trigger of the CONNECTED stream in order to really have the last login time in the connected stream (users:

  • Exchange functionality in streamdesigner now works with special chars in stream design (streams:

  • Delete job will also cancel the job in order to avoid invalid status updates in dashboard (io:

  • Cosmo Web import file chooser dialog has now pagination and does not show folder sizes anymore (hc:, license:, hw:

  • Colon in Metadata fields is now a supported character for select, multi select and autocomplete fields (hp:, hw:

  • High quote in metadata does not lead to an evalscript error anymore (hp:

  • Search for windows paths via filters is now possible using the IS comparator, all others do not work (yet) (co:

  • Fixed wrong content showing of edit cronjob dialog when using esc key to close this dialog (hw:

  • {} wildcard is now default value of Project ID list input of Cosmo Add Asset To Project node (streams:

  • Hide enabled switch in watch folder edit dialog when trigger point is a cronjob (hw:

  • Refactored all metadata nodes and fixed job create job metadata set assignment when add metadata switch is false (streams:; hw:

    • Either current metadata can be attached to new created job or the metadata defined by the set that is attached to the triggered profile. The fix covers the last mentioned feature.

  • {job.mimeType} wildcard will resolve to SEQUENCE when the job source is a sequence item (io:; hw:

  • Ensure job.assetId field being filled with information for web export and panel import in order to be able to use the new asset metadata manipulation nodes (hw:; hp:

  • Fix inconsistent Languages page visibility (hw:

  • Removed duplicate Recipient-ID field in Telegram node (streams:

  • Fix broken version select field for Flow and CatDV preference module (fx:

    • You need to remove all Flow / CatDV preferences and restart the fx container in order to get the fix

  • Fix java heap space error when uploading large files > 1,5 GB (streams:

  • Add an add and remove entry button to each groups entries of the active directory auto module (streams:


  • Improved stream designer error descriptions (streams:

  • When navigating into bin in cosmo project detail view the current filters except of the breadcrumb filter will be deleted to enable unfiltered view of folder content (hw:, hp:

  • Improve memory usage of Panel and Webserver (hp:, hw4.0.8.9)

  • Force all Log4J dependencies to patched version 2.17 even though the dependencies are not vulnerable, but some wrong working dependency scanner point them out to be affected (4.1.0 snapshot release)


4.0.7-release-2 (stable release)


  • Fix empty destination path for Job Render in Premiere Node (streams:

4.0.7-release-1 (stable release)


  • Adding metadata when uploading assets to cosmo works

4.0.7-release-0 (stable release)


  • Add Project Duplicate Action node (streams:

  • Add wildcard for user last login and change timestamp update behavior (streams:; users:

  • Add a streams node compatibility check on streams container startup (streams:

    • Streams container will try to request all existing streams in the database. If an error occurs it's now visible in the streams container logs which stream has incompatible nodes.

  • Add asset/sequence report generation nodes that exports all database information about an asset or sequence to a json file (streams:; co:

  • Add {job.source.type} wildcard that reads out job.type value during stream (streams:; co:; hk:; io:

    • example workflow: ADDED_ASSET could be skipped now whenever job.source.type is equals PANEL_IMPORT

  • Add option to import asset instead of upload asset in cosmo (streams:; co:; hk:; io:;hw:

    • If user is logged in and client is connected to the web interface we provide a file chooser in the web that is capable of browsing the local directory of the logged in user

    • It's possible to select multiple files or folders whereby the latter will be read out recursively

    • After Selection it's possible to trigger a WEB_IMPORT stream per file

    • Client update required and all existing WEB_IMPORT streams have to be migrated into new WEB_UPLOAD trigger point

  • Add action button to single select overlay (hw:

  • Add "Helmut Remove Users From Group Action" node (streams:

  • Add assetId to job object and add {job.assetId} wildcard (streams:; co:; hk:; io:

  • Add sequence typed asset to ADDED_ASSET stream trigger and fix non triggered ADDED_ASSET stream (co:

  • Add Hiscale Jobs Start Process Action Node that allows to trigger a job in JOBS Video Worklfow Platform (streams:

  • Downloaded client installer will now have current version number in their file name (hw:; license:; hc:

    • It is important to do a combined update of license and web in order to have this feature active

  • Add {date.increment.days.?} and {date.decrement.days.?} wildcards (streams:

  • Add project lock filter (hw:

  • Add 7-Zip nodes (streams:

  • MediaFPS condition now accepts stream variable as input (streams:

  • Add translation for panel debugging texts (hw:

  • Pre resolved date time field that is not changed in panel will now be passed correctly into export job (hp:

  • Add search by job id into free text search of job dashboard (io:

  • Add Watch folder to cron options (hw:

  • Add a filter option for locked projects (hw:

  • Add an action menu to the single project details view (hw:

  • Add an "Open Helmut Panel" node that opens the visible helmut panel using the invisible one (streams:; license:; client:


  • Limit mongodb (database) default maximum cache size (mongodb:

    • per default mongodb was able to allocate up to 10 GB of ram leading to memory issues

  • Windows client removes the panels first before reinstalling the new ones to allow a successful panel installation on Windows(client:; license:

  • Improve the asset finding in panel sync process to decrease synchronization time for large projects (hp:

    • Searching by nodeId took long due to the fact, that all assets in a project where scanned. Found a way to pre filter the potential target asset results

  • Refactored PANEL_IMPORT trigger (hp:; co:; streams:

    • It will now be triggered ones the whole initial autosync process is finished to avoid multiple database accesses to the same assets

  • Add UNC path support on wildcard (streams:

  • Job Render AAF action does not force premiere to hang when the temp project has been manipulated and close project flag is true (client:; license:; streams:

    • If ones removes the video track in order to avoid error messages in aaf creation we had an save event right at the end of the process before closing the temp project. This led to a freeze of premiere. We now just skip the save and simply close the project without saving.

    • client update required!

  • Job destination is not filled with previous export of AME when using the Job Render in AME Action node and export finishing process takes longer (client:; license:

  • Kill premiere is not working on Windows and does not throw an error message on mac (client:; license:

  • Stream exchange of stream that contains Job Render AAF in Premiere Action node is now possible (node replace necessary) (streams:

  • Fix last occurrence of the bug where changing the streams sort order removes the connection between the start node and the first helmut node (hw:

  • Create profile dialog does no longer show hk streams DELETE trigger events in cosmo (hw:

  • Fix MOVE and COPY tasks in housekeeper (hk:

    • Both types where missing as a job.type which led to an error in the hk container. User saw only one hk job created in the dashboard even though multiple projects where covered by the task filter

  • Refactored Tag field in add project dialog to avoid the blur effect to remove the previous value (hw:

  • Auto import now adds all jobs to AME without throwing busy status (streams:

  • Delete Job now also performs a cancel event beforehand (io:

  • All file create/copy/move action nodes now create destination folder by default if not existing (streams:

  • Fix error of new "Project Metadata Changer Action" node when it's getting used in a customIO stream (streams:

  • Fix panel disconnection whenever assets are being copied between multiple opened premiere projects (hp:

  • Empty AME path in corresponding node will now fails with error message in the jobs dashboard as expected (streams:

  • Stream snapshot and stream variables free text search now searches global over pagination (streams:

  • Delete category stream is not moved to Housekeeper after stream save event (streams:

  • Reactivate asset metadata display on sidebar for single item selection (hw:

  • Adjust Date formatting between different displayed fields e.g. filter modal, filter chip, date value in table view (hw:

  • Client installer are now supporting all CC2020 and CC2021 versions (license:; hc:

    • For Premiere Tested up to Version 15.4.0 Build 47; for After Effects 18.4.1

  • Save button in add profile modal will be reactivated after failed add event e.g. due to already existing profile name (hw:

  • Make action menus close automatically (hw:

  • Align several buttons and menus properly (hw:

  • Fix unnatural app navigation (i. e. redirect to login for logged in users) (hw:

  • Fix occasional display and loading problems (i. e. Template view) (hw:

  • Several containers are not throwing Authorization Interceptor Errors anymore when running (preferences:; metadata:; logging:; fx:; hk:; io:; language:

  • Failed Hiscale Jobs Start Process Action Node will not longer stops the stream workflow but triggers failed output of node (streams:


  • Deprecate % sign for functional wildcards in order to allow usage of this sign as a modulo operator in Execute Javascript Action node (streams:

  • Add username as separate table entry in FX Dashboard and make it searchable and sortable (hw:

  • Medialoopster nodes -> change all put requests to patch (streams:

  • Helmut snapshot and update script is now using regex to determine correct stack file in order to allow prefix and suffix to "Helmut4" stack file name

  • Refactor the user feedback of background processes of the helmut panel and add improved support for After Effects (hp:

  • Change Add Proxy node to allow asset id as input parameter that will be prioritized over highres path (streams:; co:

  • Add glowing highlight effect to active fixed fx filters (group, category and template) (hw:

  • Reduced multi select to a action button and a indicator of the total amount of selected items in panel (hp:

  • Add LINUX as selectable OS in Operating System Condition node (streams:

  • Like the Job Metadata Changer Action Node the corresponding Project Node does allow empty metadata values as inputs (streams:

  • Add node version numbers to node headers in streamdesigner (streams:

  • Change circular progress color of canceled jobs in dashboard from red to white (hp:;hw:

  • Change layout and button theme in Preferences (hw:

  • Improve behavior of the search toolbar (hw:

  • Unify several button and menu names (hw:

  • Rewritten the After Effects and Premiere invisible panels and added missing nodes for After Effects to align feature set of both products (streams:; license:; client:


  • Hide the unused show all switch in the variables modal of streamdesigner that came from the snapshots modal (streams:

  • Remove the open logs function whenever Helmut is running on https:// (hw:

  • Remove switches from boolean filters (hw:

  • Remove several outdated and unused app components (hw:

4.0.6-release-0 (stable release)


  • Added option to search for a stream by its ID (hw:

  • Added option to copy a stream's ID to clipboard in the streamdesigner with the top right speech bubble (streams:

  • Added new wildcard {} to change '' to '\' (streams:

  • Added AddJobToAurora Node(streams:

  • Added VpmsCheckIn Node(streams:

  • Added VpmsMetadataUpdate Node(streams:

  • Added Split & Stitch workflow Beta - only for 25fps (streams:; io:; hps: io:; AME_WS_1_3_6)

    • Added Job Create Split Jobs Action Node

    • Added Job Stitch Splits Action Node

    • Workflow: Create a new job for every single stitch, render them independently and then stitch the splits back together

  • Added XPath Node to extract values from XML files by expression (streams:

  • Added HUE Bridge Support (streams:; fx:; preferences:; hw:

    • First delete the old HUE preferences from the db

    • Upgrade versions

    • Restart fx (Preferences are only created during startup)

  • Added a wildcard to retrieve a folder's contents' size (streams:

  • Added Tooltips to Streamdesigner for: (streams:

    • Snapshot names (list view)

    • Variable store (list view) keys

    • Variable store (list view) values

    • Node Descriptions (left panel)

  • Added domain name into browser tab and add - DEBUG string whenever the debugger modal is opened on the page (hw:

  • Introduced a new Metadata field called AUTOCOMPLETE (hw:; streams:; metadata:; co:; fx:; hk:; io:

    • Same like TYPEAHEAD but with restrictions on the possible user input

  • Added wildcards for requesting all users and all groups by now limited to 500 results (streams:

  • Added Send Message To Teams Channel node (streams:


  • New client

    • Premiere/AME version 15+ support

    • Improved AME panel with more logging and better AME error handling

    • To much license claiming in Chrome will now report correct message

  • New linux client

    • Improve client initialization when starting multiple clients at the same time

  • Handle null values in search filter to avoid complete page load error (hw:; hp:

  • Changing event trigger of Start node will no longer visually duplicate the node (streams:

  • Add missing translation "Choose Composition" (hw:;hp:

  • Fix behavior of switch input field in streamdesigner (streams:

  • Fix Project metadata changer action to only change the target project (streams:

  • Fix Project metadata remove action to only change the target project (streams:

  • File and Copy Folder nodes don't show 'FAIL' anymore, when successful (streams:

  • Fix issue that leads to the job status to stay in "Starting AME" forever, if an invalid / non-existent path was used (streams:

  • Fix Cancellation of Job AME Render Action when canceling the stream (streams:

  • Catch negative interval input in File ... and Folder Growing/Appearing condition (streams:

  • Refactored the update job list logic in the dashboard page to preserve usability of that page (hw:

  • Fix opening another stream from within the Streamdesigner with the right click menu + colon (streams:

  • "Helmut Add User To Group Action" allows comma separated inputs (streams:

  • Fix long node descriptions adding line breaks (streams:

  • Job File Copy Action has a {node.result} output (streams:

  • Fix MD5 check error (License load error) occurring on refresh of Login page (license:

  • Web export will now include all listed metadata from the export dialog (hw:

  • Sequences with markers in latest Premiere 2021 version will not longer be indexed as mimeType DATA (co:

  • Force deletion of old project files that has been used for project index (co:

  • Job Render with FFMPEG Action node provides progress again (streams:

  • Selected profiles from cosmo are not longer be displayed in io (hw:

  • HK profiles with the flag "Hide from user" = true will now be displayed in the add/edit Task dialog (hw:

  • Fix Asset creation in Stratus (streams:

    • Fix asset type and description field transmitting

  • Changing stream event within the stream designer now moves the stream into the correct event trigger in the helmut streams view (streams:

  • Refactored File & Folder Multiple Appearing Condition (streams:

    • Fix wrong positive response whenever one of several inputs satisfies condition

    • Fix counter that checked the amount of checks the user provides +1

    • Handle negative interval inputs

  • Fix "include null" behavior of Empty String Condition (streams:

  • Long tooltips in Dashboard are not flashing anymore (hw:

  • Action menu does not rapidly switch positions whenever there are a lot of entries (hw:

  • Improved error descriptions for Project Category Condition, Project Creator Condition, Project Extension Condition, Project Name Condition, Project Personal Condition, Project Template Condition, Project Task Condition, Project Team Condition


  • Replace all jsx polling events from premiere panel -> performance boost (hp:

  • Cosmo Add Asset to Project Action now accepts a comma separated list as input for project id parameter (streams:

  • All % signs in wildcards which where used as placeholders have been replaced with the current curly brackets (streams:

  • Premiere Version Converter shows now v2021 rather than v2020_1 (streams:

  • Remove default config initialization on first helmut installation (fx:, streams:

    • A predefined set of streams and preferences will be imported using the restore feature now

    • This solves the problem of non starting streams container whenever there is an unknown node used in an existing stream

  • Change default variable of source file in "Job create Job Action Node" from {job.destination} to {job.source} (streams:

  • Import a folder via cosmo tab in the panel will now transfer the bin structure of the source project and will trigger a new stream event called PANEL_IMPORT (hw:; co:; streams:; io:; hp:

    • It's a manual sync process coming from cosmo to enable consolidated import on one hand (avoid flashing premiere import dialog) and avoid direct timing problem with the new PANEL_IMPORT stream where the assets could be changed before sync

    • Import single asset will work like before but with additional PANEL_IMPORT stream

  • Minimum mandatory character for project name is now 1 (hw:

  • In/Out points will now be handled as relative to a potential time code offset of the target asset (hp:

  • Changed Streamdesigner browser tab logo from HFX to helmut logo (streams:

  • Changed Jobs dashboard update logic to improve performance (hw:; hp:

  • Changed the behavior of the select sequences multi select field in export tab of the panel (hp:

    • Add a select all checkbox

    • Add a loading indicator for giving the user feedback of the sequence request from premiere

    • Improve performance of the function that reads out all sequences of the project (about 4 seconds per 100 sequences)

    • Show only first item following by a counter of the additionally selected items

  • Make message input field of EmailOutput node multiline (streams:

  • Improve description fields of nodes and wildcards

  • Change error message of Premiere Alert Action if premiere is not running to a more understandable one (streams:

  • Change color of lock icons in panel in the projects view (hp

  • In the description overlay of nodes the node type will now displayed only ones (streams:

  • Add highlighting to fixed filters in fx if they are set (hw:

  • Add response code != 200 check for vantage nodes (streams:

  • Switched zoom orientation to be in line with the system default (streams:

  • EFS get free space node returns floats instead of integers (streams:

  • Stream snapshots are now associated with their corresponding stream, and by default only those are shown (only works for new snapshots). You can toggle a switch to show all snapshots, including old ones (streams:


  • (Single) HUE light preferences and nodes (Replaced by new HUE bridge support)

  • Helmut Cloud Services nodes (streams:

4.0.5-release-2 (stable release)


  • Fix Panel import with proxy where second proxy attachment fails due to wron JSON definition

4.0.5-release-1 (stable release)


  • Add Telestream Vantage Nodes

  • Add EFS Nodes


  • Fix UI table out of range bug for variable store and snapshot modal

4.0.5-release-0 (stable release)


  • Added an automatic Node Tree sorting function. Win: CTRL + L, Mac: CMD/Control + L.

    • Nothing selected: Entire Node Tree will be adjusted

    • One Node selected: Node acts as anchor, only the downstream Nodes will be adjusted

    • Multiple Nodes selected: Only the selected Nodes will be adjusted

  • Basic Auth support with username:password and clientId:clientSecret (oAuth tokens) instead of Bearer token.

    • Bearer Auth still supported

  • We added an extra level of security to the way Helmut components connect to the message bus:

    • You will need to install the new client 4.0.5.x

    • Client 4.0.5.x is compatible with Helmut versions < 4.0.5.x but not the other way around.

  • RevApp integration to Upload Assets, Share Assets (public and private) and Delete Assets (streams:, hw:

    • Add your RevApp credentials under Preferences -> Modules -> RevApp

  • Will Now show the name of the stream in the delete confirm message (translatable)

  • Web backup now supports cronjobs and store variables

  • Added Variable Store. Stores user Key / Value pairs + protected flag.

    • Nodes:

      • Get Variable by key

      • Set (update) Variable value or create a new one

      • Delete Variable

    • Store Gui:

      • Overview of all Variables

      • Manually create, delete or update Variables

      • Protected flag can only be changed here

      • Protected Nodes can only be changed by Admins. Can't be changed by Nodes

  • Added Snapshots Modal (streams:

    • Add Snapshot of current node tree

    • Load a saved Snapshot, and replace your current node tree with it

    • Independent of 'save' functionality, unsaved progress will be lost

    • Delete Snapshots

  • Block switching active project whenever a sync process is active (hp:

  • Add option "Don't change breadcrumb" and renamed the corresponding asset name feature of the Add Asset to Project Action (hp:; streams:; co:; hk:

  • Add select all option to multi select field (for example to select all groups in add user dialog) (hw:

  • Panel related logging that can be seen on debug port via chrome is now exposed to a log file next to the project file (hp:

  • Fix all store variable nodes in case of the "Connection refused" issue (streams:

  • Fix regex condition node for regex syntax inputs like \d (streams

  • Added RClone nodes. The RClone installation as well as the set up of remotes has to be done manually Nodes:

    • Copy

    • Mkdir (Make directory)

    • Move

    • Purge

    • Rmdir (Remove directory)

  • Added {} functional wildcard that escapes \ in a path (streams:


  • Requests to Premiere like render project, render AAF etc. would timeout (and loop sometimes) after 2 minutes (also patched in 4.0.4-release-0)

  • Removed default 1970 date for datetime metadata (hp:, hw:

  • Fixed web interface asset update for synced callback loop

  • Project filters can now be saved if the language has changed

  • Fixed Scrollbar in the Streamdesigner's 'edit panel' to be full size again (streams:

  • Duplicate profile when group is selected is not working without throwing JSON parse error (hw:

  • Fix umlauts and "-" char of metadata keys coming from premiere sync (co:

  • Fix preload profile at export page loading of panel (hp:

  • Fix stream renaming issue where a renamed stream appears to be empty and finishes without running any node (hw:

  • Proxy path will now change if an asset is indexed that had already a proxy set (co:

  • {job.proxy} is not null anymore for auto import streams (co:

  • Reset footer selection count and action button if an individual action button of a table entry is used (hp:

  • Store variable can now not be duplicated by renaming an existing one (streams

  • Fix action menu in housekeeper multi select (hw:

  • Fix "Medialoopster Update Asset Delete Date Action" for IMAGE and AUDIO assets (hw:; users:; streams:

  • Editshare nodes used to show 'successful' when no work was done (Because of missing user input). Now it shows that it fails (streams:

  • Editshare nodes used to work, even if the module is disabled. Now they will fail (streams:

  • File Copy Action Node will cancel the job at first try rather than resetting the job status back to RUNNING (streams:

  • Fix bug where a streams import was impossible when trying to import streams from an older version that has a higher patch version (hw: ;streams:

    • Example: importing streams export into a streams version

  • Fix Stratus Asset Create Action node -> Description field behavior that no longer transfers project related metadata (streams:

  • Fix all Store variable nodes to work in production environment -> They do not throw bad requests (streams:

  • Add Snapshots dialog is now showing "Name:" instead of "Key:" (streams:

  • Add job or project over message bus removes an entry at bottom of the list to avoid exceeding the limit (25/50/75/101). When limit is not reached Jobs/Project have been removed from the list by mistake (hw:

  • Improved Get Assets From Project Action node performance (co:

  • Fixed result reporting for the following nodes (which where using setLastResult only, so their result was always being overwritten by the next node calling either addLastResult or setLastResult): -ProjectCreateActionImpl, ProjectCreateActionImplV2, PremierePromptActionImpl, FileMoveActionImpl, FolderMoveActionImpl

  • Rename, duplicate, change the group assignment or the order does not lead to create a corrupt version of the stream (hw:

    • Changing the order from now on is only possible for FX streams due to the fact that the mechanism for other products is now fully replaced by the Job Create Job action node

  • Change sort order of first metadata entry of directly new created group is now possible (hw:

  • Add "move" and "copy" to selection field of add task dialog (hw:

  • Pass correct breadcrumb to job.breadcrumb into stream when auto import assets from subfolder (hp:

  • Fix warn signal rotation for language translation view (hw:

  • Fix group assignment for Streams where streams appeared to be empty after assignment has been done (hw:

  • Avoid passing project related metadata to job.metadata from panel (hp:

  • Remove generic error when attaching an invalid proxy filepath (hp:

  • Change Team to Group in import users dialog (hw:


  • Adding new jobs/projects via the the message-bus will now remove the last entry of a list to never exceed the selected size of shown elements (25/50/75/101)

    • We received reports of huge performance issues when being on the dashboard and a lot of new jobs showed up

  • Search for projects or jobs in the Web interface now adds a delay of 500ms while typing before the search will be executed to avoid spamming the server

  • Changed Variable Store shortcut from v to k (streams:

  • Changed loading indicator for autosync process by moving it to the footer (hp:

  • Changed multi select and moved it to footer (hp:

  • Changed type of several input fields to autocomplete to allow search and select functionality (hw:, hp:

  • Increased total number of unsynced assets in badge to 999+ (hp:

  • Variable Store: The key of an existing key/variable pair can be updated (streams:

  • Improved RevApp nodes (streams:

    • Connection to new Worker container for file upload

    • Option to overwrite the creator on upload job request

    • Fix typos and improved placeholders and descriptions

  • Unselect selected item in table whenever the very same item is clicked again (hw:

    • In this case the right bar will disappear

  • Append -nostdin to FFMPEG render node to avoid requesting user input when overwriting an output file is needed (streams:

  • Change users page search to be backend side and add an "unassigned" entry that searches for users that are not part of any group (hw:, users:

  • Add option to remove a stream from a profile in the add/edit profile dialog (hw:

  • "Medialoopster Add Asset To Project Action" is now also adding existing assets to project (streams

  • Change behavior to text input fields to select everything only for first click, every other click will navigate the cursor between the text (hw:, hp:

  • Change add project access rights check to be made on project create dialog instead of disabling the add project button (hw:

  • Disable sorting of streams for all products except FX since it's replaced by Job Create Job Action (hw:

  • Use "FilePath" entry instead of "ActualMediaFilePath" entry if a project gets indexed (co:

    • The ActualMediaFilePath holds the previous filepath before Premiere native consolidation is performed. If that is the case the media is offline since the FilePath holds the most recent information about the asset location.

  • Improved table view sorting for all table views (hw:

  • Change default variable of source file in "Job create Job Action Node" from {job.destination} to {job.source} (streams:


  • EFS nodes

4.0.4-release-4 (stable release)


  • Add RevApp connector nodes (streams:, fx:

4.0.4-release-3 (stable release)


  • Fixed housekeeper search query for all search combinations of unique and usedInTimeline flag for the node "Cosmo Get Project Assets Action" (co:

4.0.4-release-2 (stable release)


  • Add fix where the invisble panel would not import assets into premiere after selecting them in the file/folder choose dialog

    • Requires a new client rollout (v4.0.4.28)

4.0.4-release-1 (stable release)


  • Adding new jobs/projects via the the message-bus will now remove the last entry of a list to never exceed the selected size of shown elements (25/50/75/101)

    • We received reports of huge performance issues when being on the dashboard and a lot of new jobs showed up

  • Search for projects or jobs in the web interface now adds a delay of 500ms while typing before the search will be executed to avoid spamming the server

4.0.4-release-0 (stable release)


  • Support for HTML tags in Wildcard Resolver (Streamdesigner) (streams:

  • Highlight projects that are locked by you (hw:

  • Pagination to Metadata page (hw:

  • Switching to dashboard after executing a task within Housekeeper (hw:

  • Add Premiere Generate New UUID Action node. Will give a Premiere Project a new global UUID to avoid duplicates. (streams:

  • Premiere OS Path Mapper now also maps (streams:

  • FFMpeg Render Node now outputs to node.result and {job.destination} (streams:

  • Added all sequence information to sequence exports via JSON side car file (streams:

  • The Panel now logs out if a user disconnects from the local Helmut client or quits the client (hp:

  • Nodes to add/remove Asset's to/from Medialoopster (streams:

  • {user.client} wildcard which resolves to the clients version number (available in server streams too) (streams:

  • Links between {node.result.?} wildcards and the actual linked Node in Streamdesigner (streams:

  • Denied deletion within the Streamdesigner of linked Nodes using {node.result.?} (streams:

  • Functionality to expand/reduce single/all (all = shift+click) Nodes individually next to the global 'Show settings' function within the Streamdesigner (streams:

  • Feature to enlarge the inline Stream debugger withing the Streamdesigner (chevron on the right site when Debugger is open) (streams:

  • Manual refresh button to the IO/CO/HK-Dashboard if filters are set (new events will no more be pushed on top of the list regardless of the filter) (hw:

  • Feature to live debug log files of connected clients via the the Action menu in the FX-Dashboard (license: hw: users:

  • DISCONNECTED event (delays client logout until all Streams are executed) (license: hw: users:

  • Relative date filters for custom metadata from type date (fx:, hw:, hp:

  • Stream trigger point for unindexed assets (co:

  • HTTP Request Node (experimental; streams:

  • Natural, alphabetical Metadata sorting in Project, Asset and Dashboard overlay (hw:

  • Helmut Confirm Dialog Action to ask a user confirm a question within the web browser (streams: hw:

  • Helmut Input Dialog Confirm Action to ask a user answer a question within the web browser (streams: hw:

  • Add User To Group Node to add user(s) to a Group (for example during group/user creation) (streams:

  • Added more null pointer checks to index project logic (co:

  • Version to name of downloaded clients (hw:

  • Added Multi language support to web interface and Panel. Streamdesigner and error messages will NOT be translated.

    • Add Languages under "Language" Menu entry and set them as default Language under Preference > General

    • This Language will also be applied to the Panel

    • Languages marked with a red color are not yet translated - same goes for new entries after updates.

  • Added indicator for missing translations

    • Missing translations always fall back to English (unchangeable/undeletable language)

  • Added multi select to most of the table views of the web interface (hw:

  • Add Medialoopster Update Asset Delete Date Node

  • Some Nodes did not create the destination folder if it didn't exist, this has been changed in various nodes

  • "Import Project To External Helmut Action" to import a Project into an external Helmut using OAuth

    • The project file will be uploaded

    • Metadata will be merged by names if enabled in Node

  • Stratus Asset Add Folder Membership Action to Streams (streams:

  • Added delete job and delete multiple jobs functionality and the corresponding access preset (hw:, fx:

  • Multi node copy to StreamDesigner (cross tab requires SSL) (streams:

  • Free text search does now also cover IO job statusMessage field in dashboard view (io:

  • Added Multi select in panel and web and reworked the selection to avoid sort order variation during selection (hp:, hw:

  • Added a boolean field "filterable" to metadata to enable/disable the possibility for filtering for it. Not filterable metadata which are already set as filter will be kept until they will be removed. After Removal they cannot be filtered until filterable is enabled again (hw:, hp:, metadata:

  • Added wildcard to count words in a string (streams:

  • Added "hidden" field to profiles to hide them from the user interface (io:, hp:, hw:

  • Added scroll bars to metadata section of export tab of panel (hp:

  • Transfer Stream variables from pre stream's to actual Stream

  • Added custom datetime filter (hw:, hp:

  • {job.unique} wildcard usable in INDEXED_ASSET, UNINDEXED_ASSET and ADDED_ASSET streams and after "Cosmo Get Project Assets Action (streams:, co:, io:

  • Added a CMD Execute and BASH Execute Action next to the existing command line action which causes problems from time to time depending on the command to execute

    • Command line Action is spawning an internal shell which is limited, CMD (windows) and BASH (MacOS/Linux) use the desired shell

  • Added Cronjobs (HK -> Cron) to Helmut:

    • Cronjobs support scheduled execution of TASKS and ActiveDirectory Syncs

    • For existing installations, patch your Docker stack file with:

  • {user.ip} wildcard to resolve a users real IP

  • Stratus Transfer Asset Action to trigger transfer in Grass Valley's legacy Stratus system (and monitor those)

  • New icons for the Adobe applications

  • Added scroll bars to multi select overlays (hw:, hp:

  • Added "job set project id action" (streams:


  • Leaving Edit Profile Dialog via ESC and reopen another profile -> the correct profile settings will be loaded instead of the previous opened ones (hw:

  • Improved special character support in wildcards (streams:

  • Problem with control characters in Mediainfo JSON output on Windows

  • Importing clips by importing a bin via cosmo tab in helmut panel does not longer overwrite existing clips in project (hp:

  • User was not added to group when preselected using Add User Dialog (hw:

  • Cancel All did not cancel all upload jobs (hw:

  • Could not add the same node twice to the dashboard within streamdesigner (streams:

  • File chooser results in input fields have not been saved when not clicked into the field (added focus) (streams:

  • Fixed bug where navigating from tag field inside add project dialog causes the word Tab to appear in tag field (hw:

  • Changing between products and navigating to preferences tab -> product related preferences will not disappear anymore (hw:

  • Preferences would not load automatically after login in (hw:

  • XML/HTML Tags are now shown in Nodes (streams:

  • Added URL Encoding doe SwatIO node - uploads could've failed depending of the file(name) to upload

  • Miss leading message when only reserved license slots were available

  • No overwriting of user specifications for active directory sync whenever new users are imported to helmut (users:

  • All other objects than user objects will now be skipped during active directory sync process (users:

  • Client would drop connection to server when trying to execute (large) Streams > 10MB (license:, linux: hc:

    • Requires client rollout!

  • Wildcards would not resolve backslashes and other regex characters (streams:

  • Reworked canceling of jobs (streams: io: license:

  • Added skip for native AE elements for project index (co:

  • Autosync asset into project in windows environment -> path mapping added to message bus response (hp:

  • FX Metadata page would show "Add Metadata Set" instead of "Add Metadata"

  • IO Metadata page would show "Action" instead of "Delete"

  • pre streams are now hidden from Cosmo Profile view as Cosmo has no pre streams

  • Command line parser does no more add quotes when not needed to a command

  • Removed > sign from export modal (hw:

  • \E is no more causing problems in wildcards (streams:

  • Saved Streams content would sometimes be "Success Action" only instead of the actual stream

  • Cosmo Get Assets For Project node is working properly again

    • This node looped over one asset only instead of all found assets

  • FX Dashboard now shows correct IP for clients using autocorrect

  • Fixed path issue within Command Line executor node (streams:

  • Fixed fps condition to work with floating point numbers (streams:

  • Fixed metadata sorting for fx and io metadata table views (hw:

  • Changed payload cleanup for Json extract node to avoid creating functional chars by having backslash following by a numerical char like '\1.mxf' (streams:

  • LowerCased node names have been upper cased

  • Fixed bug where hitting 'Enter' in the EnterTextDialog would refresh (redirect) the page

  • Re-added sorting to filter values

  • Relative TODAY filter to not act like TODAY_GREATER

  • Pasting nodes to the streamdesigner does no more paste nodes outside of canvas

  • {file.content.?} now supports {} nesting

  • Tag typeahead field is working again in addProject dialog and filter field (hw: hp:

  • Removed file chooser icon from numerical input fields in streamdesigner (streams:

  • Covered duplicate bin creation by adapting synchronization process of "normal" assets for bins as well (co:, hw:

  • Add proxy to an asset and index project before synchronization -> proxy path will remain instead of being deleted (co:

  • Project Metadata Changer Action did not trigger valueObject calculation for DATE and DATETIME Metadata to search in those relatively

  • Chosen filter value will no be translated (hw:, hp:

  • Change variable value in preference tab will now be updated in web ui (hw:

  • Saved dashboard filter in cosmo product are now listed inside the filter menu (hw:

  • Set initial sort order of assets in project detail page to name ascending and fixed multi select (hw:

  • Fixed scrollbar overlapping footer and not reachable metadata fields in export tab (hp:

  • Edit project -> delete the tag will now really delete the tag entry(hw:

  • Removed unused buttons cancel, save, confirm that belongs to filter dialog from save filter dialog (hp:

  • Further optimized the synchronization process to enable correct behavior when it comes to intermediate manual sync trigger (co:, hp:

  • Horizontal aligned different input fields in filter dialog in panel (hp:

  • Setting a datetime metadata for an asset that should be uploaded to a project is now possible (hw:

  • Fixed "personal" filter for projects page (hw:, hp:

  • Fixed Jobs count pagination for solo and multiple delete jobs (hw:, hp:

  • Calls to Premiere (Render, AAF etc) timed out after 2 minutes.


  • Removed ' and " from allowed characters for projects (hw:

  • Cancel All button now also clears the list in the Upload dialog (hw:

  • All Node names to camel case (streams:

  • Moved EVS Node's to THIRD_PARTY category

  • Changed the way Streams are build and saved and reduced the size by ~85%.

    • This should make execution of large Streams faster as well

    • Requires to re-save existing streams

  • Added support for Projects and Assets

  • Medialoopster Nodes are now synchronizing using's instead of project/assets names (streams:

  • Allowed category and template filters without group filters (hw:, hp:

  • Reworked the pre stream logic.

    • pre streams are working as a client stream only now

    • pre streams are now being executed in the same logic as normal streams. They are only shown to admin users until they either turn in a "real" job (just be successful) or are dismissed

    • You can add separate render nodes for pre streams so they are executed quickly - dedicated pre stream render nodes should NEVER do long living / heavy tasks - thats why asynchronous actions are not "supported". (streams: io: hw:

    • pre streams always have priority over "real" jobs when a render node is asking for a new job - no matter in which order they have been added

  • Changed scrolling of panel to whole view instead of table view only (hp:

  • Replaced cross in filter dialog at top right with "Delete", "Cancel" and "Confirm" buttons (hw: hp:

  • Completely refactored synchronization process of assets to projects (hp: co:

  • Folder Delete Action has now conditions if folder is not empty "DELETE_ANYWAY", "SKIP", "FAIL"

  • Active Directory perform action api endpoint is now expecting a uuid of the groups entry for which the action should be performed (web:, users:

  • Added "Keep original name" checkbox to "Cosmo Add Asset To Project Action" to avoid changing the asset name during synchronization process (streams: co: hp:

  • Added autocomplete behavior to tag filter in fx (hp: hw:

  • Added query parameter to AD sync endpoints to avoid sync result message -> Preparation for cron job (users:

  • Add proxy will now trigger an autosync of this proxy if the corresponding project is open otherwise it will have the sync behavior of its highres whenever the project will be opened (co:

  • Updated the adobe product icons (hw:, hp:

  • Disabled the possibility to save empty filters (hw:, hp:

  • Landing page for HK product is now projects page instead of dashboard (hw:


  • Removed hardcoded Job Status Update from Execute Extendscript Action

  • Temporary removed toggle recursive synced by triggering set (un)sync on folder (streams:, co:, io:

  • Removed the possibility to rename an access preset since it will not be updated in the user objects (hw:

4.0.3-release-1 (stable release)


  • Client would drop connection to server when trying to execute (large) Streams > 10MB (license:

    • Requires client rollout!


  • Removed parent bin selection for auto imported clips (hp:

4.0.3-release-0 (stable release)


  • OAuth authentication

  • Open Logs (folder) from client menu

  • MD5 checksum to streamEngine download

  • Advanced error output when a client failed to execute a stream

  • Uninstaller (windows only)

  • Endpoint check by product in web interface

    • It was possible to reach the project page within IO for example even tho it doesn't exist for IO

  • Added relative date filters to panel

  • Added a logging entry for the case that a render node is not part of the group, which is assigned to the io profile in cosmo

  • Support for Premiere 14.3.1 (requires hp: to work)

  • Drag wires in Streamdesigner everywhere onto a Node instead of the connector only

  • Nodes are now at 95% opacity to make wires visible underneath

  • File Increment Name Action and Folder Increment Name Action

  • Enabled Add Project Button in restricted mode (experimental)

  • Custom confirm dialog when switching to another Stream with unsaved changes

  • Placeholders to input fields in Streamdesigner (used for example input data)

  • Search bar to Metadata

  • Extended descriptions to every input for all Nodes

  • The active project has been added to the project select dropdown in the Helmut Panel

  • FFMPEG Render Node Action to render with ffmpeg

  • Audio Streams Condition to check how many audio streams exist in a file

  • Wildcard {project.locked.status} that returns the status of a lock (LOCKED, HOUSEKEEPER, ARCHIVED, RESTORED)

  • COPY and MOVE Profiles to Housekeeper

  • Delete All Button to Upload File Dialog to clear the list of selected files

  • Wildcard {job.mimeType.?} where ? must be replaced by an extension. Will be replaced with the mime type for the given extension on the fly (defaults to DATA)

  • Server sided FileChooser to Streamdesigner

  • System wide Backup and Restore to Preference Tab

  • JSON Payload Extract Action

  • Optional Group to Watch folders to enable new jobs to be attached to a group a user can be part of (visibility in dashboard)

  • Regex Apply Action to sanitize strings (eg. project names)

  • Mediainfo Json Action (will return the complete Mediainfo of a File as JSON, so you can extract values)

  • FFProbe Json Action (will return the complete FFProbe info of a File as JSON, so you can extract values)

  • The table sort order will be reset to default and the free text search string will be deleted if "Clear current filter" has been triggered (hp: hw:

  • If an asset is imported into the opened premiere project via cosmo tab in panel the same asset will now immediately be added to the database to keep the web frontend synced with the project content (hp: hw: removed, will be implemented in next version

  • XML Generator Action to export XML's in a desired format out of Helmut information (project, job and user)

  • File/Folder Appearing Condition - monitor if one or multiple files/folders appear or disappear

  • Illegal Character Filter to 'Add Metadata' dialog

  • Added ID search filter to search projects by its id (hw: only by filter; hw: also as free test search)