Retrieve helmut4 container log

If these systems are not working as intended, it makes sense to check the individual logs of the dedicated module or linked trigger.

A good starting point is always the job and client logs to verify if the issue is local or on the server/container side.

To access the container logs, log in to Portainer at http://:9000 and navigate to the Helmut4 stack.

Expand the container you are looking for and click the small spreadsheet icon.

This will open a new window displaying the container's log. If necessary, you can expand the displayed lines until you find the desired log entry. When searching for a specific entry, you need to disable the auto-refresh toggle, as the log tends to jump to its end while searching.

A simple explanation of containers and their helmut4 endpoints:

  • AMQP - message queue, used for internal communication for RabbitMQ

  • CO - Cosmo related nodes and actions, CO streams executed by a server (eg Added_Asset)

  • Cronjob - Cron timers which have been set within HK or the dashboard purge in the preferences

  • FX - FX related streams executed by a server

  • HK - HX related streams executed by a server

  • HP - Panel communication (Adobe extension <-> server)

  • HW - Frontend, website

  • IO - IO related streams executed by a server, watchfolder scanning, dashboard purging

  • Language - Languages

  • License - License management and helmut client source

  • Logging - Logging of misc. actions

  • Metadata - Metadata related actions

  • Mongoadmin - MongoDB GUI frontend

  • Mongobackup - Backup and restore of cron backups

  • Preferences - Preferences

  • RabbitMQ - Message broker

  • Streams - Streams related streams executed by a server or test mode,

  • Traefik - Revers Proxy

  • Users - User related streams executed by a server (eg Custom_User), connection of clients, user import & management, eg AD