Stream Execute Generic Stream Action

With the help of the Stream Execute Generic Stream Action, it is possible to execute an existing stream using its ID.

This node represents the counterpart to the Job Create Job Action, via which a JOB can be created using an existing profile ID.

This node is only intended to be used within FX - it is not recommended to use it in other situations such as an IO job.

Since FX streams are not controlled via profiles, but are usually executed directly, they can also be triggered within a stream via the present node. Keep in mind, that those generic streams always need to be client streams, which means you need to set the stream host to client.

The generic streams requires the stream ID, which can be revealed from the URI

Here is an example for a use case: The main stream is executing the generic stream action within it workflow - while the "sub-stream" is being executed, the main stream is paused and waits till the "sub-stream" is finished

Pay attention to the stream debugger - the "sub-stream" is listed first as this one is called from the main stream. As the main stream is paused while the other stream is running it is going to finish after that one. Please keep in mind that you respect the 60 seconds time out period of a stream!

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