Check existence of MoovIT authority certificate on windows client

This entry is about to check if the MoovIT certificate exists on the local windows client. Due to the fact that local group policy actions or windows updates may wipe the certificate, it is needed that sometimes the existence of the certificate should be checked.

The easiest way to check the certificate is by opening the certificate manager via Run -> certmgr.msc

::: Open certificate manager / store


To list the MoovIT authority certificate via script, this task can be executed via powershell (admin prompt):

#List any certificate with "moovit" in its name

Get-ChildItem Cert:\LocalMachine\Root\ | where{$_.Subject -like "*moovit*"}

If the moovit certificate doesn’t exist, the certificate can be installed by using this powershell command – a GPO task or any other logon action should be considered to be used for this task.

#Add moovit certificate to certificate store

Import-Certificate -FilePath "C:\Program Files\MoovIT GmbH\Helmut4\resources\moovit_ca.crt" -CertStoreLocation Cert:\LocalMachine\Root